How To Cut A Carrot On The Bias


Find out How To Cut A Carrot On The Bias. It’s really simple and will add a professional look to any of the dishes you make.

Why You Should

Cutting vegetables, specifically carrots on a bias is great for several different reasons. First, it greatly improves the presentation of your dish. Second, it increases the surface area of the cut piece. Third, cutting on a bias makes it easier to make thin slices. Overall it simply catches your eye better than cutting straight across.

Improves Presentation

By cutting your carrots on a bias it adds to the presentation of your dish. Cutting at that 45 degree angle adds that extra pop. It does not require any extra effort to make your dish look more pleasing to the eye.

Increases Surface Area

Increasing your surface area when cutting on a bias works well, especially for dishes where you intend to cook your carrots. Because the surface area is increased, your carrots will actually cook faster and more evenly due to the extra surface area.

Thin Slices

When cutting carrots, it can sometimes be difficult to get your cuts to be as thin as you desire. By tilting your carrot to cut on a 45 degree angle, it makes cutting carrots into thin slices much easier.

How To Cut

To cut a carrot on the bias, simply chop off the stem and discard. Then if needed, peel the outside layer off of the carrot. Hold the carrot firmly against your cutting board with one hand, be sure to keep your fingers tucked out of the way. Using a sharp knife, carefully slice the carrot at a sharp 45 degree angle. There you have it! You can now cut your carrot on a bias like a pro!

Cutting carrots on a bias is great for many reasons, a few of which are because it improves presentation and decreases cooking time. To cut, simply turn your knife on a sharp angle and carefully cut through the carrot. Simple as that!

What is your favorite vegetable to display after being cut on a bias?

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