How Long Does Fudge Last


Maybe you’ve made some delicious homemade fudge, or you’ve purchased some store-bought fudge, or better yet you’ve been gifted some fudge. Regardless of how you’ve obtained it or where it was made, you’re curious about how long does fudge last.

In this post we’ll answer that question in addition to providing other information relating to fudge. The bottom line to how long fudge lasts depends on how it’s stored.   

how long does fudge last

What is Fudge?

Fudge is a kind of sugar candy that’s made by mixing ingredients such as sugar, butter, and milk. Sometimes the mixture is heated and then beaten as it cools to form a smooth, creamy consistency. Fudge can be made in a variety of flavors including some of the following more popular flavors:

Chocolate Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
Butter Pecan Fudge
Mackinaw Island Fudge
Cookies ‘n Cream Fudge
Oranges and Cream Fudge
Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge
Peppermint Fudge
Root beer Fudge
Turtle Fudge
Rocky Road Fudge

In essence, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the flavors of fudge that can be created. What’s your favorite flavor.

What Ingredients Do I Need to Make Fudge?

The ingredients needed to make fudge vary from recipe to recipe as they do from flavor to flavor. A typical fudge recipe includes butter, milk, quite a bit of sugar, and your choice flavoring.

How To Make Fudge?

One of our favorite fudge recipes is our easy peanut butter fudge. Follow the step-by-step instructions in our post to learn how to make fudge the easy way. Just melt the butter, add the sugar, bring to a boil, stir, and let chill. Cut your fudge into the desired sized pieces and enjoy.

How Long Does Fudge Last

We know what fudge is, how it’s made, and what ingredients it includes. But the all-important question is how long does fudge last. Let’s look at the factors that determine how long it lasts, mainly where and how it’s stored.

peanut butter fudge stack with peanuts

How Should Fudge be Stored?

The proper storage solution for fudge should be chosen based on the length of time needed to store it. If you anticipate that your fudge will be eaten within a few days, storing it at room temperature will be fine. If you’re thinking a few weeks will be all that’s needed, perhaps you’ll want to keep it in the refrigerator. For a longer shelf life up to 3 months, you’ll want to use the freezer.

Below we outline the details of how to store it for each method.

Can fudge be refrigerated?

Yes, fudge can be refrigerated. Choosing to store your fudge in the refrigerator will allow you to keep it in a cool, dry place which helps to maintain its freshness.

What is the shelf life of fudge?

The shelf life of fudge depends how it’s stored. Storing fudge candy in the freezer gives the longest shelf life of up to three months.

What type of container is best?

A recommended container to store your fudge is a food storage container that has a lid that seals. This works best to keep the fudge fresh and keeps air from getting to it.

Tips for Storing Homemade Fudge

Following are our top 3 tips for storing homemade fudge.

Wrap it. After your fudge is set up, you’ll want to wrap your fudge in plastic wrap or seal it in an airtight container so that no air gets to it. Air will cause it to dry out. And warm humid air can cause it to melt.

Keep cool and dry. For best results and length of storage, store your fudge in a cool and dry place.

Use waxed paper. Use waxed paper between layers to keep your fudge from sticking together.

What’s the Best Way to Store Fudge?

The best way to store fudge depends on the length of shelf life you need to obtain from the storage. The method that you use to store it will determine how long it can be stored.

Store your fudge at room temperature for the shortest length of life and store it in the freezer for the longest shelf life.

How Long Does Fudge Last at Room Temperature?

How long can fudge sit out unrefrigerated?  Homemade fudge will typically last about 1-2 weeks if sealed in an airtight container and stored at room temperature. Storing in a cool, dry location will help to lengthen its shelf life.

How to Store Fudge at Room Temperature

The best way to store fudge at room temperature is to cut the fudge into the desired sized pieces after it cools. Place it in an airtight container with sheets of waxed paper between each layer to keep it from sticking together. Place in a cool, dry location at room temperature.

How Long Does Fudge Last in the Fridge?

Storing fudge in the fridge will help it to last about 2-3 weeks. Fudge keeps best in a cool, dry place and that’s exactly what a refrigerator provides. Storing fudge in the refrigerator will help it last longer than at room temperature.

How to Store Fudge in the Fridge

To store fudge in the refrigerator, place it in an airtight container with sheets of waxed paper between each layer. This will help keep it from sticking together. Fudge can also be placed in a zipped storage bag, with sheets of waxed paper between each layer.

The best place to store fudge in the refrigerator is in the back of the refrigerator so it doesn’t experience fluctuating temperatures every time someone opens the door.

how long does fudge last

How Long Does Fudge Last in the Freezer? 

Can You Freeze Fudge? Yes, freezing fudge is the best long-term storage solution.

Fudge stored in the freezer can last for 2-3 months and will stay fresh if wrapped properly.

How to Store Fudge in the Freezer

To store fudge in the freezer, after it has setup, wrap it in plastic wrap, then place it inside and airtight container. If you have access to a vacuum sealer, that is a great option for keeping your fudge from becoming freezer burnt.

Can You Freeze Fudge? Step By Step Guide

Yes, freezing fudge is a great way to lengthen its shelf life. We’ll walk you through our step-by-step guide that explains the best process for keeping your fudge fresh.


If your fudge has toppings, you’ll want to know that they’ll likely fall off after the fudge has frozen. But that doesn’t have to be the determining factor of whether you freeze your fudge.

Step-By-Step Guide To Freeze Fudge

Following is our step-by-step guide to the best results for freezing fudge.

What You Will Need:

To freeze fudge, you will need the following equipment: a sharp knife, plastic wrap, zipper freezer bag, and labels if desired.

Step 1: Preparation

Before fudge can be frozen, it should be cooled and fully set up. Then, you’ll want to cut your fudge, using a sharp knife, into the desired bite sized pieces. Now you are ready to wrap your fudge.

Step 2: Wrapping

Wrapping fudge before freezing it, helps it to maintain its freshness. It keeps the necessary moisture inside and it helps to keep air and other elements that will cause it to become freezer burnt out.

Wrap your fudge either as individual pieces or as one big group in layers of plastic wrap. If you have access to a vacuum sealer, vacuum sealing your fudge is also a great way to preserve its freshness before freezing it.

Step 3: Freezer Bag

Place your wrapped fudge inside a zipped freezer bag and it’s ready to be labeled.

Step 4: Labelling

Label your fudge, even if just with a sharpie on the outside of the freezer bag, adding the date it was made or when you purchased it, so that you can be sure that it’s used within 3 months.

Step 5: Storing

Place it in the freezer for storing. The best place to store it in the freezer is in the back so that it won’t be vulnerable to repeated temperature changes when the door is opened.

How To Defrost Frozen Fudge Afterward?

After you freeze fudge, you might be wondering about the best method to defrost it after it’s been frozen. And it’s really quite simple. You’ll just need a little time, some space in your refrigerator, and that’s it. Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to defrost fudge after it’s been frozen.

peanut butter fudge stack

What You Will Need:

To defrost fudge, you’ll need two main things, some space in your refrigerator and some time.

Step 1: It’s All About Time

Plan ahead 1-2 days from when you want the fudge to be fully thawed. This is about how long it will take depending on the thickness of the fudge and the temperature of your freezer and refrigerator.

Step 2: Use The Fridge

Remove the fudge from the freezer and place it directly in the refrigerator one to two days in advance. You can leave it wrapped just as it was when you froze it. It should be fully thawed in 24-48 hours.

Step 3: Serving

To serve the fudge, carefully unwrap it and that’s it. Enjoy your fudge!

What is the Best Way to Defrost Fudge Quickly?

The best way to defrost fudge quickly is simply to place it on the countertop at room temperature and allow it to thaw naturally. Placing it in the microwave or other options that might cause it to heat up will cause the fudge to melt, compromise its consistency, and perhaps even ruin it.

Does Fudge go Bad?

Yes, like any perishable food, fudge can go bad. However, there are warning signs in appearance, taste, and smell that you can watch for and know that your fudge has gone bad.

How To Tell If Fudge Has Gone Bad?

Signs that indicate that your fudge has gone bad includes the appearance of mold, a strange or off odor, and a slimy film on the outside of the fudge. If you notice any of these signs, just throw your fudge away. Do not eat it.

Can Old Fudge Make You Sick?

Some say that it’s not likely that fudge that has gone bad will make you sick, because the high sugar content helps to act as a preservative. But our recommendation is that any time you sense that your food could have gone bad, throw it away instead of consuming it. To put it simply, when in doubt, throw it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions that relate to how long does fudge last. If you have a question that’s not asked here, feel free to drop it in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to respond to it.

How to Store Fudge Made with Condensed Milk?

Fudge that’s made with condensed milk should be stored using the same methods as we’ve mentioned above. You can keep it at room temperature for short term storage, or place it in the freezer for longer term storage.

Remember to wrap it in plastic and store it in an airtight container to keep it fresh. We also recommend using wax paper between layers to keep your fudge pieces from sticking.

How to Store Fudge in Hot Climates?

As is true with any fudge, the best place to store fudge is in a cool, dry place. This is the case in hot climates as well. Using the refrigerator or freezer are usually the best options.

How Long Can Fudge Be Stored?

The length of time fudge can be stored depends on the method of storage used. Fudge stored at room temperature has a shorter shelf life compared to fudge stored in the freezer has a longer shelf life.

Avoid Drying Out

One of the biggest concerns with storing fudge is that you want to keep it wrapped and sealed to avoid it drying out. Fudge that dries out turns dry and crumbly and the texture makes it so that it’s not as delicious.

Avoid Ingredients With Water

Avoiding ingredients with water when making fudge is also important. Water tends to make fudge watery and can even cause ingredients to separate. When making fudge, stick with a tried and true recipe that doesn’t use water.

How To Recover Changed Consistency

If you find over time or after storing your fudge that it changes consistency, you might like to try to recover it. In essence, this includes melting your fudge back down and then resetting it. You can place your fudge in a baking pan a place it in the oven at 350F degrees, check on it in a few minutes and stir it. You’ll then want to all it to reset while cooling.

In some cases, this works, in some cases the fudge might not be able to be resolved, but it’s worth a try.

Shelf Life of Fudge

By now you can see that the shelf life of fudge depends mainly on the factors of how fudge is stored and where it’s stored. Is there a difference between the shelf life of homemade fudge compared to store bought fudge, in many cases no.

Homemade Fudge

Homemade fudge is fudge that’s made at home, typically from grocery store ingredients.

Store-Bought Fudge

Store-bought fudge is fudge that’s purchased and has already been prepared.

How to Keep Fudge Fresh: Tips and Tricks

We trust that you’ve found our trips and tricks for keeping fudge fresh and viable storage methods helpful. The main factor to remember that the lower the temperature of where your fudge is stored, the longer the shelf life. Proper storage is the key.

Pro Tips From A Chef

We don’t claim to be chefs by any means, we are simply home cooks sharing our knowledge and research with you our readers. And we trust you’ll find the knowledge about fudge and on our site in general, helpful to you, from one home cook to another.

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