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Grinder Salad

No matter if you’re simply looking for a healthy option, or trying to avoid carbs, a grinder salad is a perfect option for a delicious meal without a lot of carbohydrates. A grinder salad is literally all your favorite things about a grinder, simply without the bread.

Grinder Salad close up

We are excited to show you how you can easily make your own delicious grinder salad anytime you have a craving. 

The Grinder Salad

A grinder salad is a delicious salad that has recently gone viral on TikTok. The thing about making a grinder salad is that you can enjoy it just the way you want.

We are so excited to show you our favorite way to enjoy an Italian grinder salad, which is surprisingly easy to make and fabulous to enjoy. 

What is grinder salad?

A grinder salad is essentially a grinder without the bread. You simply make all of the delicious ingredients that fill the grinder and enjoy the salad without the extra carbs.

We are also going to show you how you can incorporate some of the bread, but without adding a ton of it.

Let’s turn our attention to what ingredients you need in order to make this delicious Italian grinder salad at home. 

Grinder Salad from the side

Grinder Salad (Viral TikTok Recipe)

Grinder Salad Ingredients:

Lettuce. You may choose to use thinly sliced or shredded iceberg lettuce or Romain lettuce. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, typically iceberg lettuce is lower priced. However, either type of lettuce will work. 

Tomato. For a grinder salad, you’ll want to use a large beef steak tomato that has been thinly sliced. 

Banana Peppers. Banana peppers are typically included on your Italian grinder. If you like the mild taste of peppers, adding banana peppers to your finished dish is a lovely hint of flavor and added color. 

Deli Meat. You can use your choice of sliced ham or turkey deli meat on this Italian recipe. It is entirely up to you which one you choose, or you can even use both. 

Salami. Add salami and a bit of Italian flavor to your recipe. You may also choose to include pepperoni, prosciutto, or even capicola if desired. 

Cheese. You may choose to use your favorite type of cheese for your finished dish. Typically cheeses like provolone, cheddar, or mozzarella are used in this dish. 

Homemade Croutons. If you are looking for a bit of bread added to the salad, you can make your own homemade croutons, use store bought croutons, or cut a piece of a bun into bite-sized pieces and add it to your salad.

However, if you want the keto version of the salad, simply skip this ingredient. 

Salad Dressing Ingredients:

Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is the base for this salad dressing. For the best overall flavor we recommend that you use full-fat mayonnaise. 

Red wine vinegar. Red wine vinegar is added to this dressing and provides a lovely bit of flavor. 

Italian seasoning. We recommend adding a little bit of Italian seasoning to flavor the salad dressing. 

Salt and Pepper. You can also add salt and pepper to your taste preference in this dressing recipe. 

Parmesan. Adding a little bit of grated Parmesan cheese to your dressing will also help to enhance the overall flavor of your dressing. 

Red pepper flakes. For a little bit of a flavor pop, add a pinch of red pepper flakes to your dressing. 

Grinder Salad top down

How to Make the Grinder Salad

To make the grinder, you will want to begin by preparing each ingredient. Start by chopping or finely shredding the lettuce. This is an important step because the thinly shredded lettuce is iconic to a grinder. 

Once your lettuce is thinly shredded, take your tomato, and slice it thinly as well. Chop your lunch meat into thin strips if desired, and shred your cheese. Allow your banana peppers to drain from the juice. 

When all of your ingredients are prepared, it’s time to start assembling your grinder salad. 

Grinder Salad Assembly:

To begin assembling your dish, layer the bed of lettuce on your serving dish or into the serving bowl. 

Next, take your sliced tomato, and arrange it on top of the lettuce. Add your banana peppers, then sprinkle your sliced deli meat and salami on top. 

Finish assembling the salad by sprinkling shredded cheese across the entire salad. Top the salad with dressing or serve with the dressing on the side and allow everyone to add their own. 

Serve right away and enjoy! 

Serving and Storing:

Serving. We recommend that this Italian grinder salad (TikTok) is served right after it is assembled. Many of the ingredients are best when enjoyed fresh. 


Room temperature. The salad should not be kept at room temperature any longer than two hours before it goes bad and has to be thrown away. For longer storage place it in the fridge. 

In the fridge. Grinder salads that are assembled with the dressing included are best enjoyed and the day they are created. At the most, they will last between one and two days in the fridge.

Grinder salads that do not contain dressing may last up to three days in the fridge. Please keep in mind that these salads are best enjoyed when they are freshly made.

Tips and Tricks

Slice or shred. No matter which type of lettuce you choose to use for your grinder salad, it is best for the lettuce to be very thinly sliced, or shredded into thin pieces. 

Assemble then serve. Once your salad is assembled, we recommend that you serve it right away. Ingredients, such as tomatoes after they are sliced, do not keep well for extended periods of time in the fridge. 


There are many different variations for grinder salads that you can enjoy. The recipe included here is primarily for an Italian grinder salad, however, you can mix things up and make it just the way you want it. 

Chicken Bacon Ranch 

You can easily make our recipe into a chicken bacon ranch grinder salad by using some of the same basic ingredients and substituting your deli meat for cooked chicken and cooked bacon, and top with ranch dressing. Otherwise, prepare the salad as instructed above.

Grinder Salad from above


Can I make this ahead of time?

This recipe is best when it is made fresh. Although some of the ingredients can be prepared in advance, we recommend that you make it fresh for the best result. 

How to store salad?

If you have any lefts over and need to store it, the best way to store the grinder salad is in the fridge in an air-tight container.

What to serve with:

Italian Grinder Salad

Making an Italian grinder salad is easy to do, and it’s a great way to enjoy your favorite grinder without all the carbs. This salad makes a delicious meal for any occasion. 

We hope that you like this recipe, and that you’ll give it a try. Be sure to comment below and let us know what you think! 

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Grinder Salad Recipe

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