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Doritos Nachos

Doritos nachos are a fun and easy way to mix up your nacho recipe and enjoy a quick, easy, and delicious recipe for your snack, appetizer, or easy dinner. Be sure to check out the detailed recipe for this tasty food below! It’s so good, you want to give it a try! 

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Quick And Easy Nachos

Doritos nachos are a quick and easy snack, appetizer, or even dinner when you don’t want to do much work to prepare it. 

We are excited to show you how you can easily make Doritos nachos that tastes fabulous! Be sure to check out the entire recipe step-by-step instructions below as well as variations you can make on this recipe. 

Why You’ll Love Doritos Nachos

The recipe makes a fabulous snack, appetizer, or dinner when you are in a hurry and don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy making food. Doritos nachos is one of our favorite go to recipes, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. 

The fun thing about making nachos from scratch is that you can add your favorite toppings, and leave off the things you don’t like. Below we will give you some suggested topping ideas, but feel free to add or subtract as you wish. 

How To Make Nachos With Doritos

Making nachos with Doritos is quite simple. Start off by pre-cooking your meat if you wish to include meat. Then assemble your nachos. Finally, once assembled bake them so the cheese melts, and your toppings are warmed. If desired add additional sauces or toppings after your nachos are warm, before serving. Prepare them just the way you like, then serve and enjoy the delicious taste. 

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Doritos Nachos Ingredients and Substitutions


Doritos chips. You can use whichever flavor of Doritos chips you like the best. We have found some good flavors are cool Ranch, or original. But you can feel free to use whichever flavor you like the best. 

Cooked meat. You will also want to be sure to pre-cook your meat so that you can just simply add it to your nachos. You can choose to use many kinds of meat such as chicken, pulled pork, ground beef, ground turkey, or ground pork. You can completely skip the meat too if you wish. 

Nacho Toppings

Shredded cheese

Sliced avocado / guacamole 




Black beans / refried beans

Peppers / jalapeños 



Pico de gallo 

Sour cream

Taco sauce




Green onion 

Step-by-step instructions

Cook Your Meat

When making your Doritos nachos you want to first cook your meat. Select which kind of meat, then fully cook it. Some of our favorites include using ground turkey, ground pork, ground beef, or chicken. Add a little bit of taco seasoning to give some flavor, then make sure your pizzas are approximately bite-sized. 

Assemble the Doritos nachos

Next assemble your Dorito nachos. We like to use a cast-iron skillet for the best flavor, but you can also use a cookie sheet if you prefer. Assemble your nachos with any ingredients you like, which you want to be warmed. 

Bake / Broil / Air Fry

Bake your nachos at 400°F for approximately 10 minutes or brown them on low for about five minutes or until the cheese is melted. Remove from the oven. 

Add Other Toppings

After you have baked your Doritos nacho and the cheese melts, add your other toppings such as cilantro, sour cream, taco sauce, green onions, etc. 

Serve and enjoy!

Once your nachos are completely assembled, you can serve them right away and enjoy the delicious goodness! 

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Doritos Nachos with Ground Beef

Making Doritos nachos with ground beef is a delicious way to prepare them. Simply brown your ground beef ahead of time, then add it to your nachos before baking. If you want, you can even add a bit of taco seasoning to the ground beef as it browns for extra flavor. 

Loaded Doritos Nachos With Chipotle Chicken

Another delicious way to make Doritos nachos is to load it up with chipotle chicken, or simply cooked chicken with a bit of taco seasoning. And flavor chicken any way you wish, but chicken added to your nachos tastes fabulous. 

Pulled Pork Doritos

A less common way to make Doritos nachos is to include pulled pork as your meat. To do this you would like to pre-cook your pulled pork, pull it, and add your desired seasonings to the park before assembling your Doritos nachos. 

Ground Turkey

Another great way to make Doritos nachos is to brown ground turkey and add it on top of your chips. Ground turkey will get a slight hint of the poultry flavor, but you can also add taco seasoning to make your nachos taste fabulous. 

Ground Pork

Using ground pork is another great way to mix up your Doritos nachos. Simply brown your ground pork in a pan, and we recommend adding a bit of Italian seasoning along with some fennel seed to the ground pork. Sprinkle your browned pork on top of your dish before baking them in the oven. This gives you a lovely sausage flavor on your nachos. 

Dietary Considerations

Nut Free. This recipe is naturally nut free. 

Vegan. With a few substitutions, and skipping the meat, this recipe can be made so that it is vegan friendly. 

Lactose. If you are sensitive to milk products or have a milk allergy, you will want to carefully read the ingredients to be sure that they do not contain milk. Some Doritos chips do contain milk products, you may want to exchange the chips for another kind of tortilla chip that is lactose-free. You may also want to change the cheese to a lactose-free cheese variety. 

Gluten-Free. Although Doritos chips are technically gluten-free, they may have been prepared in a facility where they’re contaminated by other gluten products. If you have a gluten allergy or are sensitive, you will want to exchange the Doritos for a gluten-free tortilla chip otherwise the recipe can be prepared as instructed. 

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Tips for Making the Best Nachos

Freshly Shredded Cheese. We recommend that you use freshly grated cheese for the best flavors of nachos. When you grate your own cheese, you will have better flavor and meltier cheese than simply using shredded cheese from the store.

You can use whatever type of cheese you like. We recommend using mozzarella, Colby Jack, cheddar, or pepper jack for delicious flavors. However, you can feel free to use your favorite kind of cheese. 

Favorite Flavor of Doritos. The flavor of Doritos you use for your Doritos nachos is entirely up to your taste preferences. Using cheese or ranch will make a lovely mild nacho dish, however, you can use the other flavors to liven things up a bit if you wish. 

Layer Ingredients. We strongly recommend that you wear your ingredients as you assemble the nachos. This allows each portion to have every ingredient, and provides a delicious appearance to your Doritos nachos as well. 

Pan. You can use a cookie sheet with edges, or a cast-iron pan. Whatever type of pan you choose to use should be large enough for you to spread your nachos out so that all the chips are covered with your toppings. 


What flavor of Doritos is best?

You can use any kind of flavor Doritos for Doritos nachos. Our favorite is ranch or cheddar, but you can use whichever flavor is your favorite. 

Can I Use A Different Flavor Of Doritos?

Absolutely! You can use whichever flavor of Doritos is your favorite for making Doritos nachos. 

Can I Add Anything Else To This Simple Nachos Recipe?

Of course! You can add your favorite toppings and ingredients to this Doritos nachos recipe for the ultimate Doritos nachos. Get creative and add your favorite toppings for an amazing dish. 

I Don’t Eat Red Meat – What Else Can I Use?

Meat is not a requirement for Doritos nachos, if you want to skip red meat you can use ingredients like chicken if you want to include a kind of meat. Otherwise, you can simply skip the meat and load it down with other toppings. 

How to Store

Room Temperature. This recipe for Doritos nachos should not be left at room temperature for any longer than two hours. After you are done enjoying them, the remainder should be stored in the fridge. 

Refrigerate. Any Doritos nachos that are left over and you want to save may be refrigerated. To refrigerate transfer them to a plastic bag, and seal them securely removing any excess air. Refrigerate for up to three days. Keep in mind the Doritos nachos are best when fresh but can be stored in the fridge if needed. 

Freezer. Doritos nacho should not be frozen. 

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Serving Suggestions

Doritos nachos are perfect for a snack, appetizer, or easy dinner. No matter how you wish to enjoy them, they are very easy and taste fabulous. 

Easy Skillet Nachos Recipe With Cool Ranch Doritos

This recipe made with ranch or cheddar Doritos, tastes amazing. You can use whichever type of Doritos you like the best, but in our opinion ranch, flavored ones are some of the best. Making these loaded Doritos nachos are easy and make a good meal. Plus you get to prepare them just the way you like them. 

Loaded Doritos Nachos

Loaded Doritos nachos are easy to make, and can be enjoyed for a variety of occasions. Plus you can prepare Doritos nachos with your favorite toppings, or even in a topping bar. Be sure to take out the step-by-step instructions for how you can prepare this easy recipe just the way you like them. Give it a try today, and let us know what you think! 

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