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Crepe Waffles

Crepe waffles are a delicious breakfast recipe that you can enjoy anytime you desire by following our easy recipe. There’s nothing quite like this delicious breakfast food, and we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how you can easily make and enjoy these fabulous crêpe waffles. 

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Waffle Crepes

You might be a little bit confused and wondering what crêpe waffles are. Quite simply put, crêpe waffles are made using crêpe mix in a waffle maker. When you do this, you get to enjoy the most fabulous tasting crêpe waffles ever. 

Waffles vs. Pancakes vs. Crepes

What’s the difference between waffles, crêpes, and pancakes? Although they are all made using a similar batter, crêpes are iconic because they are so thin, and filled with delicious goodies. 

Waffles are made using a waffle maker, are usually thick, and have that delightful waffly texture to them. 

Pancakes are known for being light and fluffy and shaped in a circle. 

There are slight differences between the three when it comes to the texture of the breakfast foods, as well as slight variances when it comes to ingredients included in each type of batter. 

What makes crêpe waffles unique? Crêpe waffles are made using crêpe batter, and they are cooked in a waffle maker.

Doing this gives you the most unique breakfast, that is absolutely delicious. Let’s look at what you will need in order to make these crêpe waffles. 

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Crepe Waffle

Ingredients you will need for Crepe Batter

Eggs. Eggs are an important ingredient because they hold the batter together. Without eggs, you would not get the thin texture you desire. 

Butter. We recommend that you use salted butter that has been melted in this batter. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can substitute butter for melted margarine as well. 

Milk. We recommend that for the best overall flavor you use whole milk in this recipe. You may substitute whole milk for another type of milk if needed. 

Sugar. Granulated sugar helps to sweeten the crêpe batter. We recommend that you include granulated sugar as the sweetener for this recipe, as other types of sweeteners will change the texture of the batter.  

Flour. For this recipe, you can simply use your favorite type of all-purpose flour. 

Salt. A pinch of kosher or sea salt will help to round out the flavors of your crêpe batter. 

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How to Make Crepe Waffles

Step 1: Make the batter

Start by making the crêpe batter. In a mixing bowl whisk together the eggs until they are scrambled. Then whisk in melted butter, and milk. Whisk until combined. 

Next whisk in sugar, flour, and salt. Until most of the lumps are gone. 

Step 2: Rest the batter

Let the batter rest for approximately 30 minutes at room temperature. 

Step 3: Make Crêpe Waffles

When you’re ready, heat your waffle maker. Pour your crêpe batter into the center of your waffle maker, close, and allow the waffle maker to cook your crêpe waffles. 

Step 4: Add Toppings and Enjoy

Once your crêpe is cooked, you can simply top it with maple syrup and whipped cream, or you can roll it into a crêpe like shape and add your desired fillings to it before serving. Serve while it is still fresh and enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

Add a just little Batter. When you are making the crêpes in your waffle maker, be sure that you are only adding a little bit of batter so that your crêpe waffles are nice and thin. 

Thin the batter. When you’re making crêpe batter, make sure that it is nice and thin. You want the batter to be slightly runny, like honey, but still thick enough to hold together. 

How to Serve

The best way to serve these crêpe waffles is when they are fresh from the waffle maker.

We enjoy filling the crêpe waffles with either a no-bake cheesecake filling, or a fruit filling, rolling them into crepe shapes, and topping them with whipped cream before serving. 

However, you can also simply serve them like waffles, topped with maple syrup, whipped cream, or fresh fruit. 

How to Store and Reheat

Store at room temperature. Any leftover crêpes should be kept at room temperature for no more than two hours before placing them in the refrigerator. 

Store in the fridge. To refrigerate your leftover crêpe waffles, you will want to place them into an airtight container or seal them in a plastic storage bag. Then place into the fridge for up to 3 to 4 days. 

To Reheat Crêpe Waffles 

The best way to reheat crêpe waffles would be in the oven, air fryer, or in the microwave. 

In the oven, you will place the leftover crêpe waffles on a cookie sheet, then bake at 350°F for 10 to 15 minutes until they are warmed through. 

In the air fryer, you will want to place the leftover crêpe waffles in the air fryer basket, then use the bake function on your air fryer at 350°F for approximately 3 to 6 minutes or until the crêpe waffles are warmed. 

In the microwave, you will want to first place the crêpe waffles on a microwave-safe plate and cover them with a lightly damp paper towel. Microwave for one to two minutes until the crêpe waffles are warmed through. 

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A very easy variation to this recipe is to use boxed pancake batter for your crêpe waffles. Simply mix it up using a just add water pancake mix, prepare it according to the instructions, but add a little extra water. When your batter is slightly runny, you can add it to the waffle maker and make your crêpe waffles. 

Topping Ideas

When making crêpe waffles it’s fun to fill them with various ingredients, or simply add toppings. Below are a few of our favorite ideas for your reference.

Whipped cream


Fresh fruit

No-bake cheesecake filling

Homemade pie filling

Canned pie filling

What to Serve With Crepe Waffles

There are many different breakfast foods you can enjoy along with your crêpe waffles. Here are some of our favorites:


Can you save leftover crepe waffles?

If you happen to have any leftovers, yes you can save crepe waffles. They are going to be best when enjoyed fresh, but you can store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 3 to 4 days. 

Do I have to roll my crêpe waffles and add filling?

No, you do not have to roll the crêpe waffles into crêpe shapes. You can simply leave them flat and add any toppings you desire on top. 

Crêpe or Waffle? 

Can’t decide between a crêpe or a waffle, enjoy the best of both worlds with this delicious recipe for crêpe waffles.

Perhaps we are partial, but we think that these crêpe waffles are fabulous, and let you enjoy the best of both crêpes and waffles. 

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Crepe-Style Waffles

Crêpe styled waffles are unique, and with this recipe, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Crêpe waffles are simply made by cooking your crêpe mix in a waffle maker.

It’s so easy, and delicious. You must try this recipe for yourself to understand how fabulous it is. We hope you’ll give it a try, and we hope you enjoy it! 

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Crepe Waffle Recipe

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