Easy Cheese Tortilla Recipe (AKA Cheesy Quesadilla)


Cheese Tortilla Recipe

Making this cheese tortilla recipe is easy, and it is the perfect easy meal or even appetizer you can make whenever you have a craving. At our house, we like to make a delicious cheese tortilla for a snack or easy meal when we are feeling lazy. 

Because these are just so good, I have included a delicious recipe with instructions for how you can make cheese quesadillas. These are made by taking a tortilla, your favorite cheese, and a few other ingredients and cooking it to perfection. 

As a bonus, I have also included some instructions for making a cheese crisp, which is a great alternative to using tortillas, if you are trying to stick to a low-carb diet. 

Cheese Quesadillas

Cheese quesadillas are an easy meal that you can make any time. Taco Bell serves cheesy quesadillas with gooey cheese oozing from the middle. You can easily make these right at home and for a fraction of the price. 

All you need in order to make this simple recipe is a few basic ingredients and a couple of minutes of time. Then you get to enjoy the tasty food! 

Simple Cheese Quesadilla

One of the great things about homemade cheese quesadilla is that you can make the cheese quesadilla just the way you like it right at home. You can feel free to make it with just cheese, or with other ingredients added in. You might also prefer to make it with two tortillas stacked on top of one another, or with one tortilla folded in half so that you are making a smaller portion. 

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is! Let’s jump into the instructions with step-by-step photos and look at what ingredients you will need to make this delicious cheese tortilla recipe. 

Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

Tortilla Wraps. You can choose to use either flour tortillas or corn tortillas to make this recipe. Both will work well, it’s simply a matter of your preference. Flour tortillas tend to be easier to work with, but often corn tortillas offer more flavor, so it’s up to you which one you prefer to use. 

Shredded Cheese. When it comes to the type of cheese you can use in your cheese tortilla, the most common options are to use shredded cheddar cheese or shredded mozzarella cheese. There are many different options, but these are the most common types used.

Olive Oil. Olive oil is used to help keep your quesadilla from sticking to the pan and also to have the tortilla shell brown as it cooks. If you do not have olive oil, you may use another type of oil as a substitute.

Seasonings. Adding seasonings to your cheese tortilla is completely optional. However, some of our favorite seasonings to add include taco seasoning and chili powder. These help to give your quesadilla some extra flavor.

Dipping Sauce Ideas:



Sour Cream

How to Make the Cheese Tortilla 

To make the cheese quesadilla, first take a large skillet in place it over medium-high heat. 

Take the olive oil and drizzle it into the bottom of the skillet. After the oil worms turn the heat down to medium heat. 

Next, take the tortilla in place half of the tortilla flat on the skillet. Then take a cup of cheese and fill the tortilla in an even layer with it. 

Pulled the top of the tortilla over the shredded cheese and allow to cook for a few minutes until the bottom begins to turn a golden brown color.

When the bottom is golden brown, carefully use a spatula to flip the tortilla over. If desired add more olive oil to the pan, then place the cheese quesadilla with the top side down on the cooking surface. This will allow you to Brown the other side and continue melting the cheese. 

When your cheese quesadilla is done to your liking, use the spatula and remove it from the skillet. Slice the quesadilla with a pizza cutter before serving. Then serve along with your desired dipping sauce and enjoy your delicious cheese tortilla!

Other Cooking Options

In the Oven. In addition to cooking the quesadilla in a skillet on your stovetop, you can also bake it in the oven. To do this place your tortilla on a baking sheet to prepare your quesadilla. Assemble the quesadilla and fold it over. 

Brush both the top in the bottom with oil so that they turn in golden brown color. Preheat the oven to 350°F, then add your baking sheet with the quesadilla. Bake for approximately 10 to 15 minutes or until the cheese is melting. Flip the quesadilla over if desired and continue baking to brown the remaining side.

In the Air Fryer. If your air fryer is large enough, you can also make the quesadilla in your air fryer as well. To do this preheat the air fryer to 350°F. Then assemble the quesadilla and place it into your air fryer basket. Air fry for approximately 5 to 8 minutes then remove it from the air fryer and turn it over. Continue air frying the remaining side for another 4 to 5 minutes or until it is done to your liking.

Low Carb Cheese Crisp

Another way to make a cheese tortilla if you are looking for a low-carb option is to prepare a cheese crisp. This is when you take cheese and melt it, to make a chunk of crispy cheese which can be used as a tortilla if desired.


Freshly Shredded Cheese. To make the cheese crisp, you are going to want to use freshly shredded cheese. This means no store-bought cheese, instead, you want to grate your own cheese for the best results.

How to Make a Cheese Crisp Tortilla 

Oven Baked Method

Preheat your oven to 350°F. 

Then take a baking sheet in line it with parchment paper. 

Shred your desired type of nice melting cheese, then place it in a single layer, on the parchment paper. It’s going to be best if you shape it into a circle, or your desired shape so that the cheese is collected together, but not piled high.

Place the baking sheet into the oven and bake for approximately 6 to 8 minutes or until the cheese is melted, and it has begun to turn brown around the edges. 

Let the cheese set for a few seconds, then use a spatula to pick up the melted cheese. Place another handle of a spatula under the center of your melted cheese, then rest it onto overturn cups to form the melted cheese into a tortilla shape that you can use for tacos. Let them set until they have cooled and formed their taco tortilla shape. You are then ready to serve and enjoy.

Frying Pan Method

You can also melt the freshly shredded cheese in a frying pan as long as you have a nonstick skillet if desired. To do this you will want to place the nonstick skillet over medium heat and let it warm for a few minutes.

After the pan has warmed, add a single layer of your freshly shredded cheese to the pan. Let it melt for approximately 1-2 minutes, or until the cheese is melted, and it has begun to turn a golden brown around the edges.

Using a spatula, remove it from the pad and let it cool for a few minutes before draping it over the handle of another spatula. This will shape it into your taco tortilla shell.

Making these easy cheese taco shells is a great way to mix things up and have a low-carb option for your taco night.


At room temperature. Your cheese tortillas should be kept at room temperature for no more than two hours before they go bad. After that, they must be stored in the fridge.

In the fridge. The best way to store your cheese tortillas is to store them in the fridge. To do this you first want to let them cool, then transfer them to an airtight container or wrap them securely with plastic wrap. Then place them into the fridge for up to 3 to 4 days.


There are several different ways that you can mix things up when making these cheese tortillas. Here are a few different ingredient ideas that you might enjoy.

Ground Beef. Adding some cooked ground beef to your cheese tortillas is another great option for additional flavor and meat to be added.

Green Onion. Adding some chopped green onions into the center of your cheese quesadilla is another delicious option for added flavor and color.

Red Onion. If you’re an onion lover, then another great option is to add some finely diced red onions to your cheese quesadilla.

Green Peppers. Green peppers are yet another tasty option that you can add to your cheese quesadilla if desired. Make sure to wash it then finally dice and green peppers before adding them into the center of your quesadilla.

Fresh Cilantro. Adding a little bit of fresh cilantro to your cheese tortilla is another great option. This will add a little bit of space and flavor to your meal.

Cheese Wraps. Another option when making a melted cheese tortilla is to make it as a cheese wrap. You can do this simply by filling your tortilla with your desired type of shredded cheese and then wrapping it before melting the cheese.

The Types of Cheese

As we mentioned above, the best cheese to use is either shredded cheddar cheese or shredded mozzarella cheese. However, that does not mean that those are the only cheese options. Some other great types of cheese that you might enjoy including in your cheese tortilla are cheese melts, Monterey Jack cheese, Mexican cheese, pepper jack cheese, Colby Jack cheese, chihuahua cheese, or another type of Mexican blend cheese. 

In addition to these various types of cheeses, you might be wondering if you should use pre-shredded cheese or shred your own cheese from black cheese. Whenever you have the option, this type of recipe is going to be best if you shred your own cheese from black cheese. This will give you the most melted cheese, and the best overall flavor. So, grab your favorite cheese flavor, and make your cheese tortilla!

Crispy Cheese Tortillas

There is nothing that quite beats a warm quesadilla or a fresh crispy cheese tortilla. With the step-by-step instructions, you can choose to make your own cheese tortilla, to enjoy a quick and easy meal. 

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out our cheese tortilla recipe. I hope that you have enjoyed this recipe, and I hope you’ll give it a try! 

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