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Chicken salad is a favorite summertime dish. It is full of delicious goodness and is so light and tasty. Summertime always brings it as a staple food for family gatherings and outings, or picnics. But how long does chicken salad last? Learn about how long it lasts, in various situations, plus answers to some additional questions.

From Store to Home 

When you are at the store, purchasing pre-made chicken salad, or buying the ingredients to make it, it is important to keep in mind the amount to time it sits out matters. The reason why many foods can’t sit at or above a certain temperature, for a given amount of time is because bacteria will grow in and on the food. If left too long, that bacteria could cause you to get sick when it is eaten. 

It is a good idea to refrigerate your food for preparation or if already made, after no more than two hours of sitting out. This means that any food has a window of time to get it from the store to your fridge at home in two hours or less. If the food is kept at 90F or above, that window of time goes down to one hour. The amount of time is the same no matter if you have purchased raw chicken, cooked chicken or pre-made chicken salad. 

How Long Can It Sit Out?

There is nothing quite as delicious as chicken salad at a summer picnic. But how long is it okay to sit at room temperature, or outside the refrigerator in general? To avoid bacteria growth and the possibility of getting sick after eating it, it is a good idea to not let it sit out more than two hours. If your salad is at a temperature above 90F degrees, then the time drops down to no more than one hour. Do not attempt to freeze chicken salad that has been sitting at room temperature for more than two hours. 

How Long Can It Be At Room Temperature?

The amount of time your chicken salad can be kept at room temperature, largely depends on the warmth or the room. Even then, if the temperature is over 90F degrees, then it should be left out no longer than one hour. Depending on your heat conditions, the warmer it is, the faster bacteria will grow. Bacteria grows quickly in salad when it is between 40 to 140F. You will not want to chance getting food poisoning from it if it has sat out too long. It is better to play it safe and not risk it if you are unsure. 

How Long Can You Store Chicken Salad In Your Fridge?

How long chicken salad lasts in your fridge is impacted by how it is stored, as well as what it is made of. If it is stored in an airtight container, it will last for no more than five days. However, it is best if used by day three. Cooked chicken is not recommended to be eaten after day 3, unless necessary. The salad must be kept in your refrigerator at 40 degrees or less, to last between three to five days. If it is day four or five, you will want to be sure to take a good look at it and smell it. If it seems off, don’t take the chance of eating it. 

How to Store in The Fridge:

For the best results of storing chicken salad in your fridge, make sure that your salad has been placed into an airtight container. Be sure to make sure that the seal on the container is firmly shut. Doing this will allow your salad to keep better and taste the best. You can also store your salad in a storage bag, or another type of bag. Be sure that your bag has a way to seal and that the seal has been securely locked. Storing it in these types of containers will help you to be sure that the salad keeps its flavor, stays fresh and lasts the longest time possible. 

Can You Freeze Chicken Salad?

To determine if your chicken salad can be frozen, depends on what it is made of. Look at the ingredient list and see if it includes things like mayonnaise, celery, and eggs. If it does, then you probably don’t want to freeze it. Mayonnaise after it has been frozen usually becomes watery and separated. Celery, after it has been frozen will not have the delightful crunch to it anymore. And for eggs, the egg white becomes rubberized after it has been frozen. On the other hand, if your salad does not include these, or has a base of miracle whip, it will freeze quite well. To learn more, check out “can you freeze chicken salad”. 

How To Tell If Yours Has Gone Bad:

To tell if your chicken salad has gone bad it is a good idea to make a few considerations. Typically, it should last up to three days in your fridge with no problems at all. If your salad has been in the fridge for four and five days, you will want to make sure it has not gone bad before you eat it. 

Likewise, chicken salad that has been out of the fridge for two hours should also be checked out. The same is true for salad that has been frozen. Before you eat it, check it over well, to make sure you are not going to get sick from eating it. 

Some things to look for, to know if your chicken salad has gone bad are its appearance, its smell and its texture. The salad’s appearance should look normal. If it is a funny color, or if things are growing on it, do not eat it. Smell it well, if something smells fermented or gross, then it is time for the salad to go. Last, if your chicken salad has a slimy texture to it, then the salad should no longer be eaten. 

How Long Does Chicken Salad Last?

How long chicken salad lasts depends on if we are talking about at room temperature, in the fridge or in the freezer. Each of these situations varies. This salad will last no more than two hours at room temperature if it is below 90F. If the temperature is over 90F then your chicken salad will only last one hour. When stored in the fridge, your chicken salad will last between three to five days. Finally, if you choose to try and freeze your chicken salad, it can be kept in the freezer up to three months. Be sure to learn more about can chicken salad be frozen before you attempt to freeze it

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