A Simple Revelation About Eggs


Over the weekend I picked up Kylie Kwong’s beautiful cookbook, Simple Chinese Cooking. Kwong keeps the list of ingredients short, but focuses on lots of taste, strong flavors and contrasting texture and temperature. The pictures are simple and provocative — they bring the recipes to life but don’t seem overstyled.

Kwong’s chapter on eggs includes six recipes using soft- or hard-boiled eggs. As I was flipping through the book yesterday, I was intrigued by something Wong wrote: “Because eggs are naturally rich, they need an intensely flavored sauce to stand up to them.” This morning I was craving eggs, so decided to adapt Wong’s soft boiled eggs with spring onions and ginger. (I added red bell pepper to up the vegetable-protein ratio.) After the first bite, I understood what she meant by a sauce standing up to the eggs. It was the most balanced, succulent egg dish I’ve ever eaten.

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