A Proper Look At Desserts: Q&A With Barbara Kafka


Last week, we introduced a new project called The Barbara Kafka Dessert Anthology. In talking with Barbara, who’s one of our Cookthinktank authors, it came out that her years of teaching, writing and consulting had left her with a huge collection of dessert recipes which she’d never collected in a “proper” book on desserts.

In Cookthink.com, Barbara found a good home on the web for all these recipes. (And as Kafka devotees, we’re delighted to have them on the site.) Every Tuesday, Barbara will post here at the Cookthink blog and publish four new dessert recipes on Cookthink.com.

Last week, Barbara wrote an introduction to the anthology. We caught up with her later to talk some more about the role of dessert, the difference between cooking and baking, and a typical dessert at the Kafka house.

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