White Mocha Vs Mocha: Similarities and Differences


If you’re someone who likes to drink coffee regularly you know that new flavors frequently arise on the market for coffee-based beverages. New holiday drinks and specialty drinks are popular, and with all the drinks on the market you might appreciate knowing the difference between white mocha vs mocha beverages.

white mocha
white mocha

Many think that chocolate is the best thing since coffee, and combining the two is a match made in heaven.

What is a Mocha Drink?

A mocha drink is one of many espresso-based drinks that are sold at a local coffee shop or can be made at home.

The creamy drink is a sweet drink that’s considered a coffee beverage. It’s made with rich espresso or signature espresso and includes the addition of hot milk, with a little milk foam as well as chocolate flavor and syrup. It’s usually topped with whipped cream.

To make a mocha, special equipment such as an espresso machine, milk jug, thermometer, and cream whipper are needed.

Many coffee drinkers consider mocha to be a delicious drink. It can be topped with a variety of ingredients for an added flair, such as the use of an additional chocolate ingredient such as chocolate powder.

What are the Main Ingredients in a Mocha Drink?

The main ingredients in mocha coffee can be interpreted differently across the world.

However, the base ingredients generally include being made with an espresso shot combined with chocolate powder or chocolate syrup, followed by steamed milk or cream and topped with heavy cream.

In some cases, more shots of espresso can be used which is an excellent choice if you prefer more of a coffee flavor.

Mocha can be made with a dark chocolate flavor or a white chocolate flavor.


Mocha is known for its chocolate flavor and can be made with a dark chocolate syrup or dark chocolate sauce as well as espresso and steamed milk.

It can be served hot or cold.

mocha with straw
mocha with straw

White Mocha

White mocha is made with white chocolate syrup, white chocolate sauce, or white chocolate mocha sauce and is blended with espresso and steamed milk.

It can be served hot or cold, which is known as an iced white chocolate mocha.

White mocha tastes a bit sweeter compared to mocha because white chocolate tends to be packed with more sugar.

white mocha
white mocha

Are There Optional Ingredients in a Mocha Drink?

Depending on whether you buy your mocha at one of your local coffee shops or make it homemade, the optional ingredients available to you could be different.

Whether you’re wetting your taste buds for an iced white mocha, one of those all-popular white chocolate mocha drinks, or a plain mocha, here are some possibilities you might like to try.

whipped cream

chocolate shavings

extra shot of espresso

grated white chocolate bar

pump of cinnamon

peppermint syrup

peppermint mocha

blonde espresso

vanilla syrup

cocoa powder


chocolate sauce

caramel sauce

milk chocolate

…and more

Part of the fun of making your own mocha is deciding what optional ingredients to include in the drink itself or as a part of the topping.

white mocha
white mocha

What’s The Difference Between Mocha and White Mocha?

The main differences between standard mocha vs white chocolate mocha is the type of chocolate or chocolate sauce used. And the type of chocolate you prefer is a matter of personal preference.

With the chocolate being the only difference, which might or might not be a major difference in flavor, we’ll look at other aspects of comparison between the two drinks.

Mocha Coffee Drinks

Mocha coffee drinks are made with all the goods, but they include a regular mocha sauce.

Popular White Mocha Coffee Drinks

White mocha, such as a prepared Starbucks white chocolate mocha drink will be a bit sweeter by comparison and might even taste similar to a white hot chocolate drink, but with coffee added.

Did you know that toasted white chocolate mocha is also a thing?

mocha with straw
mocha with straw

Mocha vs. White Mocha – How They Compare

There’s no doubt that a mocha is a popular drink for both coffee and chocolate lovers and it’s a delicious treat.

Let’s look at the comparison of a mocha vs white mocha so that we can understand similarities and differences between the two.


Mocha beverages are made with dark roasted and ground coffee beans as an espresso. Then sweet milk that has been steamed is added, along with a layer of chocolate syrup.

The drink is then topped with whipped cream as well as any desired garnishes.

The main difference in the ingredients used to make a white mocha vs mocha is the kind of chocolate sauce used. A standard mocha uses standard dark chocolate, while a white mocha uses white chocolate.

white mocha vs mocha infographic
white mocha vs mocha infographic

Taste Profile

While there’s no doubt that a mocha is not your typical black coffee, but rather a delicious coffee drink, especially if you’re a fan of both chocolate and coffee, the taste profile of white mocha vs mocha is somewhat different between the two.

The taste factor is the main difference between the two flavors. A standard mocha has more of a bittersweet flavor since it’s made with dark chocolate, while white mocha usually has a sweeter flavor since it’s made with white chocolate.

Caffeine Content/ Nutritional Value

The caffeine content will vary from brand to brand or from drink to drink, depending on the type of espresso used to make the drink.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine or have dietary restrictions that require little to no caffeine, be sure to seek out the nutritional information before consuming your beverage.


An espresso beverage is generally a popular choice that can be found in local stores, coffee shops, or made at home. However, if you don’t see the beverage you want, be sure to ask your local coffee shop about secret menu items.

Roast Level

The type of coffee bean used to make a mocha gourmet drink as well as a white mocha is generally a dark roast coffee.

mocha with straw
mocha with straw

Mocha Recipe Variations

If you have health concerns that requires you to avoid dairy that contains lactic acid, it’s also possible to substitute an alternative such as oat milk or almond milk in place or steamed whole milk.

With this change, you might notice a difference in the natural flavor of the drink, but it will be custom made according to your dietary needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to white mocha vs mocha. If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to ask us in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Is white mocha sweeter than mocha?

Though white mocha and mocha are made with similar ingredients, white mocha is slightly sweeter than mocha because it’s made with white chocolate, which packs more sugar into its contents.

Do white mocha and mocha taste the same?

If you have a sweet tooth and like chocolate, chances are you’d like mocha and white mocha drinks.

But in regard to drink taste, a good rule of thumb is that white chocolate drinks tend to taste sweeter because there is more sugar content. Whereas regular mocha drinks tend to taste richer and more bittersweet.

white mocha
white mocha

Is a white mocha the same as a chocolate mocha?

They are similar but different. The main difference is the type of chocolate used to make them.

A standard mocha is made with dark chocolate, but a white mocha is made with white mocha sauce. Either one can be enjoyed on cold winter days or anytime.

What is a white mocha?

White mocha is a blend of white chocolate sauce, steamed milk, and espresso that’s generally topped with whipped cream.

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