What Is Poire William?


What Is Poire William?

What Is Poire William? This French beverage is quite unique. Learn all about what it is and where is is made.

What Is Poire William?

Poire William is the French name for colorless fruit brandy. This brandy also known as eau de vie is distilled from Bartlett pears. These pears are known as Williams’ Bon Chrétien in France and most of the world, with the exception of the United States.

Where It Is Made

This fruit brandy is manufactured in Switzerland as well as Alsace. It is sometimes sold with a whole pear somehow trapped inside its glass bottle. If you have ever wondered how in the world this is accomplished through such a small opening, then wonder no more! To get the pear inside the bottle, the bottles are actually hung on the pear trees, with the budding fruit inside the bottle and it grows there.

Summary: The French brandy Poire William, is a clear, fruity flavored brandy. This drink is made with Bartlett pears. If you have never tried it, it is a delightful drink.

Have you ever bought Poire William, just because of the pear inside? The pear is quite the attention getter, that’s for sure!

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