What Is Pâte Sablée?


What Is Pâte Sablée?
Pâte Sablée is a buttery, sweet, melt in your mouth as one of the finest French short crusts. It is more crisp and cookie like than flaky like a pie crust. It does crumble a bit, but is far from dry and would be described as rich. It uses softened butter that is thoroughly mixes with sugar, which gives it a sandy texture, unlike a traditional pie crust that uses cold butter and is smooth in texture.  Pâte Sablée can become the base for any tart you can imagine.

What Is Pâte Sablée

When Is It Used?
Pâte Sablée is a rich, French crust used in pastries and tarts. It is typically used for the kinds of pastries or tarts that have pastry cream and fresh fruit to top them off. It can also be filled with creams such as lemon, chocolate, vanilla or whatever you desire. Bake the tart so that it is fully cooked and then top it with whatever you’re craving.

Ways to Use Pâte Sablée
1. Cookies: turn it into shortbread cookies by chilling, then rolling out to your desired thickness and cut into squares or whatever shape you prefer with a cookie cutter and bake.

2. Lemon Tarts: Layer a fresh lemon curd in a tart and top it with meringue. Toast as a finishing touch.

3. Fruit Tarts: Layer a thinly sliced layer of fresh fruit over a creamy curd and top with jam if desired.

4. Savory Tarts: Quiche is a favorite in our home and what better use to utilize a Pâte Sablée than turning it into a rich and elaborate crust.

What Is Pâte Sablée

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