What Is Escarole?


Discover all you need to know about What Is Escarole. From belonging to the endive family, to the vitamin content, then on to how to prepare it. All you need to know about them right here. 

Plant Family

Escarole is part of the endive family. The leaves of it in comparison to the rest of the endive family are broader and paler. They are also less better, by comparison. In taste they are difficult to distinguish from radicchio, but not by looks. 

Plant Growth

Just like the rest of the endive family, including kale, chard and radicchio, escarole are hearty greens which flourish later into the growing season. Because the center of the plants head hasn’t gotten as much sunlight, it is less bitter. Some farmers have been known to cultivate pale escarole leaves by covering the pants to reduce the sunlight, which keeps the whole plant from getting quite so bitter. 


Escarole are high in folic acids, fiber as well as vitamins A and K. The greens can either be eaten raw or after they have been gently cooked. 

Ways to Cook

There are many different ways to cook escarole. It can often be found in Italian wedding soup, included in a mild salad, or any other form you like to eat bitter greens. One fun fact for you is that a head of escarole has more nutrients in it than a head of iceberg lettuce contains. A head of escarole that is about medium in size will usually result in about seven cups of torn leaves. 

Escarole is a member of the bitter greens plants, which means it can sometimes taste biter. It can be eaten cooked or raw and is packed full of nutrients that are good for you. 

What is your favorite way to prepare escarole? 

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