What Does “A Hill Of Beans Mean?”


What does the phrase “A Hill of Beans” mean? This statement centers around the importance and value of beans. 

Value of Beans

Beans are usually considered to be of little value. This is because the supply of beans is abundant and they sell for a low cost. If you were to go to a bulk food store, you could purchase a large amount of beans for very little cost. 

Low Cost

If your budget is tight and you are looking for a low cost meal, it most likely has beans or rice as a part of it. They are filling to eat, but low in cost. 


Beans are also common, their supply is usually abundant. It is not difficult for people around the world to easily find different kinds of beans. Since beans are common, people can easily identify with them. 


Bean sayings have been traced far back in history. Not worth a bean has been found to date back to 1297, and the reference to a hill of beans was traced back to 1863. Most likely these sayings started with bean farmers. 

What Does “A Hill of Beans” Mean?

What does this common saying really mean? A hill of beans refers to importance or value. Since beans are common and inexpensive, not worth beans means that something is of little or no value. 

By saying “that old tractor over there is not worth a hill of beans.” That would mean that the tractor is worthless. The phrase can refer to a person, place, thing or event. The saying does not refer to literal beans that you would cook in your kitchen. 

The saying of “A Hill of Beans” has been traced back a long way in history. It focuses on the value of beans, and generally means that something is not worth very much. 

Have you ever heard of “A Hill of Beans” before?

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What Does A Hill Of Beans Mean?


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