What Is A Composed Salad?


Composed Salad

What Is A Composed Salad? There are many different ways you can prepare this type of dish. There is one primary key that makes it fall under this category.

This is a French inspired type of cuisine. It is a type of salad which refers to an assortment of ingredients that have been arranged in a way that is pleasing to your eye. These vegetables have been placed on a plate and drizzled with a dressing of your choice. While it is not technically correct to toss a it with dressing, we find nothing bad about calling a salad “composed” if it has been tossed with dressing.

A composed salad is typically intended to be a meal in and of itself. For most people to consider a salad an entire meal alone, it should contain elements from different food groups to make it such. For example, a salad that is made from lettuce, hard boiled eggs, chicken, couscous, cheese, and other vegetables like corn, peas and carrots.

A great composed salad should contain a variety of colors, textures and flavors. It should also include crudités, like carrots, peppers, or any other cut raw vegetables. This dish should also features a type of meat, cheese, eggs, even a grain or beans. It is then topped with an oil based vinaigrette or other dressing.

There are many ways you could create a composed salad and many variations of ingredients you could add. Just keep in mind that the purpose of this type of salad is to be the entire meal in one dish. Try mixing and matching your favorite ingredients at home.

What is your favorite way to create A Composed Salad?

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