Something We Learned About Browning Onions


Browning onions takes a bit of time and patience. The heat must be relatively low, and the onions need to be stirred from time to time in order for them not to brown too quickly. We like to start out on high heat and melt some butter in the pan, then reduce the heat to medium low when adding the onions. All them to simmer, stirring regularly until browned.

It would be easy, however, to speed up the process by turning up the heat, adding more butter, and then get upset when the onions burn. 

Browning Onions

Over time, we’ve learned that a bit of water can be added to the pan as soon as you think the onions are browning too quickly. The water not only prevents the onions from sticking and burning, but it also cools the pan by lowering the temperature a bit. And, adding water instead of more butter keeps the calories down too, making it a more healthy option.

You can also apply this technique to pan frying garlic, Brussels sprouts or any other vegetables. 

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