How To Cut Broccoli Into Florets


Discover what florets are as well as How To Cut Broccoli Into Florets right here. We are going to take a deeper look into those in this article, so be sure to keep reading! 

What are Florets

Okay, so you have a head a broccoli, now what part of it is the floret? As you are looking at the head of broccoli, the whole thing might look like a mini tree to you. As you look at it you will see that while there is one large trunk looking part that runs through the middle, there are many branches off of it that can main hair own little trees. A floret of broccoli is the part that branches off from the main stem into what looks like a little tree. 

The floret is the part of the broccoli that most people like to eat. While the stem is sometimes eaten, often times that part is discarded, while the florets are enjoyed. 

What are Florets Used For?

Depending upon what you are making, your dish might require different sizes of broccoli florets to be used. Sometimes the stem is even included in dishes if it is peeled and sliced. 

How to Cut Broccoli Florets

To start off, flip your broccoli on its side, so that the tiny green buds are one way on your cutting board and your stem is another direction. Make sure that you can see where the stems get smaller and lead up to the little buds.

NOTE: You will never want to actually cut the little buds on the top of the broccoli. You only want your knife to cut the stem.  

Using your knife carefully cut the small branches so that it is the big tough stem left. Throw away the largest stem part. 

You are now left with small broccoli florets. They most likely still have a long stem to them. You can either use them with a long stem or cut the stems off. 

If you want your broccoli to have long stems but be thinner, take your knife and cut up the stem, effectively cutting the piece in half. 

The small stems can be used, if your recipe calls for them, or if you are trying to stretch your broccoli to make it go farther. 

To use the stems, take a pairing knife and trim off the small “branches” with a single cut. Then peel them to remove the though outer layer. The flesh under will be a lighter green. 

Now if you are using the stems you can cut them up any way you wish. If you want them to cook faster, cutting them on the bias that is one fourth to one half inches thick, will allow them to cook quickly. 

Finally, trim the florets to any size you desire. If you plan to roast them, you may want to leave them larger. However, if you are using them in pastas or stir fries, you would want them to be more bite sized. 

There are many different ways you can learn How To Cut Broccoli Into Florets. A lot of how you cut them depends how you plan to use them. The best way is to flip it so that you can access the broccoli from the stem side instead of cutting through the buds. 

What are your tricks to cut broccoli florets?

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