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We have the best answer for Is Canned Chicken Cooked. Learn all about canned chicken, if it is cooked, how you should store it, how long it is good for, where you can find it and so much more! Canned chicken is an amazing meat that you will definitely want to keep on hand! 

Perhaps you are like me and was not aware of canned chicken until recently. I came across this golden nugget a few years ago and have kept it in the house at all times, ever since. This canned meat is great for many meals when you are on the go. I have also found that it tends to make better chicken salad than fresh chicken does. Learn all about the canned meat, starting with if it comes cooked or not. 

Is Canned Chicken Cooked?

Yes! Canned chicken is fully cooked chicken breasts that have gone through a pressurized canning process. This cooked canned chicken is packed in water inside the cans. The meat inside the cans can be found in white meat, dark meat, or a combination of both types of meat. 

By canning chicken, it provides an airtight container, and the can acts as a barrier against bacteria that might otherwise grow on the chicken. Just like with any other canning process, creating canned chicken allows something that would otherwise only last a few days, have a shelf life inside the can for a much longer time frame. By canning chicken, the pressurized process it goes through stops it from spoiling until you open the can. At that point, it will only last for a few more days. 

How To Store Canned Chicken

You can store canned chicken in many different places in your house. The best locations to keep them are in a location that is cool and dry. Some good examples of this would be in your pantry or in your basement. Once the can is open, your chicken should then be stored in a sealed plastic storage container. Do not store canned chicken in the opened can.  

You will not want to store your opened chicken in the can because it will have a negative impact on the taste and quality of your opened chicken. It could also increase your exposure to harmful BPA chemicals. For best results, we recommend transferring your opened chicken leftovers into a storage container. 

How Long Is It Good?

An unopened can of chicken is good for up to five years of shelf life. However, pay attention to the best buy date. Eating the canned chicken before that date comes to pass will give you the best quality, and flavor. If that date passes, you can try opening the can and giving it the sniff test. If it smells bad, or looks odd, don’t risk it, the chicken should get tossed. 

Where To Buy Canned Chicken

There are many locations where you are able to purchase canned chicken. It is readily available at all major grocery stores, as well as most smaller markets. It is usually available at a reasonable price, and the great thing about canned chicken is you can keep it on hand for a while, and you don’t have to cook it. 

When you are picking out a can to purchase make sure you look the can over well. Choose a can that has not been punctured in any way. If the can is dented or punctured, it is likely that the can is no longer airtight, and may not be good any longer. 

Cooking Tips:

Canned chicken is super handy and is great when included in a variety of dishes. However, since canned chicken is stored in water and has a slightly different texture than some fresh chicken, it is good to avoid using it in pasta or sauce dishes. When combining canned chicken into a sauce or pasta dish, the water will come out while it is being cooked and potentially making your dish extra watery and gross. However, it may be used if you warm it in a sauté pan first, to help remove extra liquids. 

Great Used For: 

We often enjoy using canned chicken in many of our different dishes. One of my favorites that I recently discovered, that I love because it is so simple and super easy is using canned chicken for chicken salad! I especially like it because canned chicken has extra moisture to it, which makes chicken salad all the better! 

Our Cooking Ideas with Canned Chicken:

Chicken salad

Chicken pot pie



And chicken soups… just to name a few ideas!

Steps To Use Canned Chicken:

Using canned chicken is extremely simple. 

Start off by going to your grocery store and picking up your cans. It comes in many different types and brands. It will most likely be located near the canned tuna fish. 

Store in a cool dry location until you are ready to use. Do not keep for more than five years and is best if used before the best by date on the can. 

To use, simply open the can. Some may require a can opener, other types might have a tab to pop the lid off. 

Drain the liquid out. Then mix into whatever dish you are cooking. 

If you wish to store in your refrigerator, transfer to a storage container. Then discard the can. It is good in your fridge for three days. 

There are a bunch of different uses for canned chicken! It is extremely beneficial to keep some on hand at your home. One of the best things about it is that canned chicken is already cooked, and you can just add it right into your dish! 

What is your favorite recipe including canned chicken? 

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