How To Seed A Chile Pepper


Follow these easy steps to learn How To Seed A Chile Pepper. These steps will help you to be able to enjoy a hot pepper and add a slight bit of spice in your life!

Do you know where most of the heat from a pepper is located? The majority of a Chile pepper’s heat is located in the seeds and white ribbing inside a pepper. This is the same for jalapeños, serrano’s, habanero’s and all of the other hot peppers. When you remove the seeds from the center of the pepper it reduces the level of hotness and allows the pepper’s flavor to shine through. 

How To Remove Seeds

To begin, use a large knife and place the pepper on a cutting board. 

Cut the bottom and the top off of the pepper and discard. You are now left with the outer circle and the seeds. 

Choose a location where there is not a membrane. Cut through the pepper. Now you can place your knife parallel to the pepper and remove the seeds from the inside. 

Now that you know these simple steps for How To Seed A Chile Pepper, you can give it a try at home. Just keep in mind, depending how hot your pepper is, you may want to consider wearing gloves while working with the pepper. 

What are some additional tricks you have learned about seeding peppers? We love to hear from you!

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