How To Re-Grow Green Onions


Learn How To Re-Grow Green Onions at home. This is a very simple process and provides you with unlimited access to fresh green onions. We will show you how you can do this easily on your own.

Re-Grow Your Own Onions

Did you know that there are several different vegetables you can re-grow in your kitchen? I mean, right in your kitchen! One of my favorite to re-grow is green onions. This way I always have a fresh supply on hand, and can definitely get a bang for my buck, by reusing them.

Today I am going to share a few different ways that you can re-grow green onions on your own. There are two different ways that I have used that work well. Keep in mind, the onions will likely fade eventually because of soil depletion and a tired crop. But this will help keep you in stock for a while.

How To Re-Grow Green Onions

The two different ways to re-grow green onions are in water or in dirt. Both ways seem to have good results and last for a while. Either methods are good, the choice is up to you, and the resources and space you have available.

To begin regrowing, make sure that you leave the white bulb in tact as well as an inch of the green part. You can then take this portion of your green onion starter and proceed with one of the following options:

Water Method

Place the small section of green onion starter that includes the white bulb and roots into a small cup of water. Sit the cup of water in a sunny location, such as a windowsill. Make sure to change your water every couple of days so that it stays fresh and clean.

Dirt Method

The other option is to fill a small container or flower pot with dirt. Gently bury the root portion of the green onion in the dirt, leaving the green section above the dirt. Water the freshly planted green onions and place pot in a sunny location. Water the green onions at least once a week.

No matter which way you choose to re-grow your green onions, within a day or two, you should begin to see the onions shoot up again. If you keep them trimmed, the onions will continue to re-grow. As a result, you’ll have a readily available supply of green onions, right in your kitchen!

I love having a supply of green onions available at any time. The clippings make great toppings for most any dish. Try re-growing your own green onions and let us know what you think!

Have you ever tried re-growing your own green onions? Tell us about it!

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