How To Cube A Potato


Learning How To Cube A Potato can be very beneficial as you will want your potatoes to be in a cubed shape for a lot of different dishes. Some dishes where cubed potatoes are used are in soups, fried with other vegetables, sautéed alone, or in stew or pot pies.

Steps To Cube A Potato

To begin you will want to be sure to wash your potatoes and pat them dry. Depending on the type you are using, you may want to peel them. However, if you are using red or yellow skinned, it is okay to leave the skins in tact.

On your cutting board, cut your potato lengthwise into planks. How wide you make the planks is up to you. Just keep in mind that the thickness will impact the cooking time.

Once you have planks cut, rotate the potato a quarter turn, and cut planks into rectangular strips.

Next rotate your potato on a 90 degree angle, so that you are now cutting the opposite direction. Then, hold your potato strips together and carefully cut your thick strips into cubes by cutting across the strips.

Simple as that! You now have potato strips that you can use in any dish you desire. If you are looking for an easy shortcut you might try getting a vegetable chopper. These gadgets are pretty sweet and allow you to chop vegetables into many different sizes.

Now you know How To Cube A Potato. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite a simple process.

What is your favorite recipe featuring potato cubes?

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