Is Quinoa A Grain Or A Seed?


Is Quinoa A Grain Or A Seed? The answer to this question might just surprise you!

Quinoa is a delicious super food that is packed full of nutrition. It is often compared to foods such as rice or couscous. Quinoa can be prepared many different ways and included in all kinds of delicious dishes. The best part of all is that because it is packed full of good things for you to eat, it is healthy and also tastes great!

Getting to the heart of the matter, is quinoa a grain or is it a seed? You might think that because it is often compared to rice and couscous that it is a grain. This might surprise you to learn that quinoa is actually a SEED!

About The Plant

A quinoa plant can grow into a leafy vegetable. The leaves of the quinoa plant can be eaten, but it is primarily grown for the harvest of its seeds. This plant is quite the farmer-friendly plant, because it can grow relatively easily, throughout different climates and altitudes.

Seed Origin

Quinoa’s original home was in the Andes mountains. It is dubbed as a “pseudo cereal” to that region. Over the last several years, the popularity and health benefits of quinoa has become more widely known around the world, and has greatly increased the demand for this small seed.


This little seed is a great source of fiber in addition to having a very high protein level. It has one of the highest protein levels amongst the pseudo cereals, around 20%. Quinoa is also gluten-free, which makes it a great alternative for those seeing to keep their gluten levels low.

How to Cook With Quinoa

The best part about quinoa is that it is easy to prepare. Most recipes require a simple boil and fluff before combining with your desired ingredients. Quinoa makes a delicious salad, simply by combining it with a bit of olive oil, chunks of cheese, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. It can also be combined with a vegetable salad for a different twist.

What is your favorite quinoa recipe?

The surprising answer to the question, Is Quinoa A Grain Or A Seed? Is that it is in fact is nutrient packed seed. This amazing little seed is packed full of good things for you, and to top it off, it even tastes delicious!

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