Fennel And Apricot Salad


Simple yet delicious, this Fennel And Apricot Salad generates more flavors and is extra good if it is assembled and left to sit overnight. The fennel and onion can be sliced or chopped a variety of ways, but for best results and to allow the vinaigrette to seep into the vegetables, we recommend slicing or even shaving them as thinly as possible. Using well ripened apricots adds to the softness of the fruit as well as sweetness of the flavor of this dish.

Fennel And Apricot Salad

Shopping List
extra-virgin olive oil
fresh thyme
freshly ground black pepper
fennel bulb
red onion

medium bowl

Fennel And Apricot Salad

Whisk together the oil, lemon juice, thyme, honey, salt and pepper in a medium bowl.

Rinse the fennel with water and then shave it into pieces as thinly as possible. Peel and thinly chop onion.

Next, add the onion and fennel to the vinaigrette mixture and marinate for at least 1 hour, at room temperature for best results.

Right before serving, pit and thinly slice the apricots. Add them to the fennel and onions. Gently mix together.

Enjoy Fennel And Apricot Salad!

You might like to pair this salad with Latin Rice With Chicken Thighs.

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