Chicken Fried Rice Calories and Easy Recipe


We love chicken fried rice because it is a healthy option. And it is easy to make and can be completely created on the stovetop in under 30 minutes. If you’re wondering about chicken fried rice calories, we have good news which we’ll share here. The main thing we like about chicken fried rice is that it’s so versatile. It can be custom made each time with different veggies or meat that make it like a completely new dish. There are so many options for variations.

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Shopping List

Long Grain Rice
Frozen Peas and Carrots
Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil

Chicken Fried Rice Calories

If you’re wondering about chicken fried rice calories, we think you’ll be pleased. The recipe above, made with white rice, has 200 calories per 2 cup serving. That is more healthy than it would be if you were to buy it from a restaurant. And this homemade recipe is just as delicious!

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Ingredient Variations and Substitutions


The versatility of chicken fried rice is fantastic. It works well with a variety of meats including chicken, beef, shrimp or pork. If you think about ordering fried rice as takeout from a restaurant, many of these varieties of meat are options.


In our basic recipe we’ve included peas, carrots and onions as the base vegetables. However, you might choose to add other vegetables such as corn, mushrooms, pea pods, baby spinach, broccoli florets, bamboo shoots, or water chestnuts. Let us know what your favorite add-ins are.


In our tested recipe, we used made-ahead white rice. However, you can use long grain white rice, minute white rice, long grain brown rice, minute brown rice or whatever your preference. Brown rice is generally more nutritious than white rice. It’s higher in fiber and nutrients and isn’t artificially enriched with nutrients like white rice is.


We use soy sauce for flavor. But soy sauce is not gluten free. If you’re sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease, you’ll want to be sure to buy a gluten free version of soy sauce. Tamari is a good gluten free solution.

Chicken Fried Rice Cooking and Serving Tips

Since this recipe works well with pre-cooked rice, why not make a big batch of rice at the beginning of the week for burritos and rice bowls. Then use the leftover rice to make chicken fried rice.

When serving rice, do you know about the importance of fluffing rice with a fork? If not, you can read our article here. Fluffing rice with a fork will give you a sufficiently better outcome when serving rice.

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Chicken Fried Rice: Photo Credit CookThink

What Can You Serve With Chicken Fried Rice?

Since chicken fried rice has a Chinese takeout feel, here are our recommendations for dishes to serve with it:

Side salad
Dumplings or various kinds of bread
Steamed vegetables such as Broccoli or Green beans
Egg drop soup
Hot and sour soup or Thai Hot And Spicy Broth

How to Store Chicken Fried Rice

How long will this keep in the fridge?

Chicken fried rice can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.  It can be reheated on the stovetop with some oil in a frying pan or in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Can I Freeze Chicken Fried Rice?

Yes. Chicken fried rice freezes very well. Just place in a zipped plastic bag, press out all of the excess air and place it in the freezer for up to 2 months. Reheat in a pan with a bit of oil on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Is Chicken Fried Rice Good for You?

Yes. Our overall verdict is that chicken fried rice is good for you. It is packed so full of protein and touts a whopping 15 grams of protein per serving. It is low in fat and low in calories. The vegetables add great nutrients such as vitamins and iron. If made with white rice it has rich carbohydrates that assist with helping to fuel sports and other activities, with 30 grams of carbohydrates in a single serving.

Making it homemade can be so much healthier than buying it pre-made or as restaurant takeout food. It does not have the MSG (mono sodium glutamate), a not so good for you preservative often chocked into fast food or already prepared foods.  The only thing to be cautious about in chicken fried rice is the amount of sodium. Soy sauce can be high in sodium, so use caution in that regard.

Easy Homemade Chicken Fried Rice Recipe


1 boneless, skinless Chicken breast
3 cups Long Grain Rice, cooked (white or brown)
1 tsp Garlic
1 Onion, diced
1 cup Peas and Carrots, frozen
2 Eggs
¼ cup Soy Sauce
3 tbsp Sesame Oil

How To Make Chicken Fried Rice

1. On a skillet over medium heat, heat oil until shimmering. Dice chicken into 1 inch cubes and fry until browned and cooked through. Pre-cooked chicken can also be used.

2. Add peas, carrots and diced onion. Cook until carrots are tender. Add garlic.

3. Move meat and vegetable mixture to one side of the pan. Beat eggs and add them to the empty side of the pan. Cook thoroughly.

4. Using plenty of oil, add the cooked rice to the pan and stir regularly until heated through. Add soy sauce and mix well. Top with chopped green onions if desired.

Serve and enjoy!

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