Can You Put Cardboard In The Oven


Can You Put Cardboard in the Oven?

Can I Put Cardboard In The Oven? Asking this question, you need to hold up, and read the rest of this article before proceeding. Putting cardboard into the oven can have some dangerous consequences and can affect the overall result of your food or pizza. Make sure to read on in detail before proceeding. 

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Is Cardboard Flammable

The short answer is yes, cardboard is flammable. Very simply, cardboard is made from paper and wood composite type materials, making it flammable. When cardboard reaches a specific temperature, it can burst into flames and burn. 

Will Cardboard Burn in the Oven

Because cardboard is made from a composite of wood and paper materials, it is highly flammable and has a chance of burning in your oven. It is not a good idea to put cardboard in your oven because of the likelihood of it catching on fire. 

What Temp Does Cardboard Burn

At what temperature does cardboard burn? Most types of cardboard run the risk of igniting when they reach a temperature of 427°F. Because of this, it is very risky to consider putting cardboard into your oven. It is much wiser to completely avoid putting cardboard into your oven altogether. 

Why You Don’t Want to Put Cardboard in Oven

The biggest reason why you don’t want to put cardboard into your oven is that there is a high chance it will catch on fire. However, there are also many other reasons why you should never put cardboard into the oven. Please see the reasons below for details. 

Ignition Temperature of Cardboard

Some types of cardboard can catch on fire when heated to as little as 427°F. Because of this, it is very dangerous to consider putting cardboard into the oven. 

Cardboard Toxicity

Another reason why it’s risky to put cardboard into the oven is because of the possible toxicity of cardboard. It is always difficult to tell where cardboard has been, what exactly it is made of, and what chemicals it may contain. Because of this, putting cardboard into the oven can contaminate your food.

Slows Down The Cooking And Increases Time

When you cook food on cardboard, such as a frozen pizza cooked on cardboard, not only do you run the chance of catching it on fire, and toxic chemicals being released into your food, but you also slow down the cooking of the food. Cooking food on cardboard actually increases the amount of time it takes for your food, such as pizza to cook. 

Changes The Taste

When you cook food on cardboard, it can actually change the taste of the food that is being cooked. This is another reason why it’s not wise to put cardboard in the oven. 

Makes Pizza Soggy

Cooking pizza on cardboard can make your pizza soggy in addition to all of the other reasons why you should not cook food on cardboard.

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The Bottom Line: Cardboard Should Never Go in the Oven

What to Use Instead of Cardboard

So, if you should not put cardboard into the oven, what can you use instead? There are several different options you can use instead of putting cardboard into the oven. Below are just a few of the best options you can use instead of cardboard in the oven. 

Pizza Stone / Pizza Block

Using a pizza stone or pizza block will give you a nice crunchy crust, and allow your pizza to cook nicely as well. You’ll get much better results using a pizza stone rather than trying to put cardboard in the oven. 

Cookie Sheet

Using a cookie sheet instead of cardboard is another fabulous option. Cookie sheets come in many different shapes and sizes and makes a perfect alternative. 

Casserole Dish/Baking Pan

You can also use a casserole dish or a baking pan to replace cardboard in the oven too. Both of these are great options. 

Aluminum Foil

Using a sheet of aluminum foil to place your pizza or other food is another great option for cardboard replacements. Aluminum foil can be heated to high temperatures and will protect your food. Plus aluminum foil allows you to handle your pizza easier. 

Directly on the Rack

Most frozen pizzas can be cooked directly on the wire rack of your oven and turn out delicious. There is no need to even consider putting cardboard underneath your frozen pizza, simply remove it from your packaging, and place it directly onto the wire rack. If you’re nervous about doing this, there are other options above you can use as well. 

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is a special type of paper that can be placed in your oven. It can serve as a good substitute for cardboard in the oven. 

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How to Put Pizza in Oven

Instead of using cardboard to cook pizza on, consider using a pizza stone, cookie sheets, pizza pan, baking dish or casserole dish, aluminum foil, parchment paper, or even placing your frozen pizza directly on the wire rack. 

If you are using a boxed frozen pizza, such as Dijorno pizza, you can simply follow the box instructions on how to cook the pizza, but be sure to remove the cardboard before baking it in the oven

Pizza in a Pizza Box

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons you are looking into can cardboard go into the oven, is most likely because you’re trying to reheat leftover pizza from Little Caesars, Domino’s, Papa John’s, or your favorite local pizza place.

First of all, you want to remove your pizza slices from the cardboard box and put them onto a baking sheet, pizza stone, or aluminum foil. Then you can reheat your pizza in the oven. 

Reheat Pizza in Oven 400

A quick and easy way to reheat your pizza in the oven is to preheat your oven to 350°F or all the way up to 400°F depending on how crispy you like a pizza to be reheated. 350°F will nicely warm your pizza all the way through, and higher temperatures like 400°F will make your pizza extra crispy. 

Place your pizza on an oven safe baking sheet, and place it in the oven for 8 to 12 minutes or until your pizza is heated to your liking. Then serve and enjoy your leftover pizza! 

Other Ways To Reheat Pizza Without Using Cardboard

Not only can you reheat your pizza in the oven without using cardboard, but you can also reheat your pizza using other methods as well. Below are some different types of equipment you can use to reheat your pizza. 

On the Stovetop

You can use a skillet, and heat it over medium heat then add your leftover pizza. Reheat your pizza in the pan on your stovetop until it is warmed through, and your cheese has melted. Covering your pan on the stovetop is a great way to get your pizza heated on the bottom as well as top, and helps your cheese to melt. 

In a Toaster Oven

You can also reheat your pizza in the toaster oven if desired. To use your toaster oven, heat your oven to 350°F, then add your pizza on a toaster oven safe baking tray. Bake for 5 to 8 minutes or until your pizza is warmed. You can also follow similar instructions to reheat leftover pizza in your air fryer. Both of these methods allow you to warm pizza without using cardboard. 

On the Grill

Another great way to reheat your pizza is to use the grill. You can use any kind of grill, simply warm it to approximately 350°F, then add your pizza directly to the grill grates, or on a sheet of aluminum foil on the grill. Warm as desired.

In the Microwave

The other methods listed above will help you to reheat pizza so that it is very similar to your fresh pizza. However, if you need to in a pinch, you can also microwave your pizza to reheat it. Please note that when you microwave pizza for a minute or two it may change the overall texture of your pizza. 

What Temperature to Keep Pizza Warm

Can you keep pizza warm in oven?

If needed, you can also keep fresh pizza warm in the oven so that it is hot and ready to serve. Sometimes you need to pick up pizza when it is convenient, rather than having it delivered or picking it up right before you want to eat.

If you need to keep it warm to serve later, you may want to consider transferring your pizza out of the box and onto a pizza pan. Then place it into your oven at 200°F, or on the warm function, to help keep your pizza ready to serve. 

How to Keep Pizza Warm in Oven

No matter if you are looking to keep fresh pizza warm, or your freshly baked frozen pizza warm, here’s how you will do it:

Step 1: Remove your pizza from the cardboard box.

Step 2: Place your pizza on an oven safe baking tray. This can be a pizza pan, cookie sheet, casserole dish, pizza stone, or even aluminum foil. 

Step 3: Put your pizza into the oven at 200°F, or lower if your oven goes lower, and warm your pizza until you are ready to serve. 

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Related Questions

How long does pizza last in the box?

For the best results, it is a good idea to not store your pizza in the box at room temperature for any longer than two hours. If you wish to store your pizza longer, transfer it to an air-tight container and place it in the refrigerator. For details please see How Long Can Pizza Sit Out

Can you put a cardboard pizza box in the oven at 200 degrees?

Although you technically can put cardboard in the oven at 200°F, it is not the best of ideas. 

Before you place the pizza in the oven at 200°F, transfer the pizza to another baking dish, then put it into the oven. 

Is it Safe to Put a Pizza Box in the Oven?

It is not a good idea to put a pizza box in the oven. There are many reasons why this is not a good idea, but to keep it short and sweet, don’t put a pizza cardboard box in the oven. 

Do you put the cardboard in with the pizza?

You might wonder if frozen box pizza typically comes with a cardboard circle underneath it, should this go into the oven? As most boxed frozen pizzas will tell you, you should remove the cardboard before placing the pizza into the oven. The cardboard circle should not go into the oven with your pizza. 

The Purpose Of The Cardboard Base In Pizza Packaging

The purpose of cardboard packaging at the bottom of your frozen pizza is simply to hold your pizza. When pizzas are first made, they’re not frozen, and the cardboard helps to keep its shape. However, once it is frozen, and you go to bake it, you will want to remove the cardboard on the bottom before baking your pizza in the oven. 

Can Cardboard Go In The Oven

Although cardboard can go into the oven at some temperatures, it is risky for many reasons. Not only do you run the risk of your cardboard catching on fire inside of your oven and burning all of your food, but there are also toxic chemicals that can be in cardboard as well as it increasing the cooking time, causing your food to be mushy, and much more. 

For best results, you will not want to put cardboard into the oven. Instead, find an alternative way to cook your food without cardboard.

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