9 Sensational Ways To Compare A Zucchini Vs Cucumber


Everything you need to know about zucchini vs cucumber located in one place. Learn about how each one is defined by the five senses, best storage, how it grows, its amazing nutritional value and recipe ideas for you! All of the pertinent details here, just for you, starting with what zucchini and cucumbers look like, and how to tell them apart.  

  1. How Cucumber vs Zucchini Looks (Appearance)

Zucchini and cucumber both grow in oblong, narrow shapes. Cucumber and zucchini can be found in various shades of green. They can be found from light green to dark green with various types of stripes or various types of shading of green. The specific appearance of them depends on what variety of cucumber or zucchini they are. However, they are all similar.  

zucchini vs cucumber
fresh cucumbers

Once a cucumber is cut open, you will find the inside to have a light green color. When you cut open a zucchini, you will find that it has a cream colored inside.  

There is also a difference in the type of seeds cucumber and zucchini have. Cucumbers have more pronounced seeds that are larger and tend to be tough to the touch. Zucchini seeds have a spongy texture, that almost blend in with the center of the fruit.  

zucchini vs cucumber
sliced zucchini
  1. How Cucumber vs Zucchini Smells

Have you ever considered what a fresh Zucchini vs Cucumber smells like? Mostly it smells earthy. Since they rest on the dirt, they tend to emanate that aroma. The produce themselves don’t really have much of a defined smell no matter if they are raw or cooked.  

  1. How Cucumber vs Zucchini Feels (Touch – Texture ) 

Cucumbers and zucchini also have differences in texture when you touch them. While cucumbers generally have a bumpy exterior, with a tough skin that feel waxy when you touch them. Zucchini on the other hand, usually have a smooth exterior with a warm, giving skin. Both zucchini and cucumbers have a hollow, but firm feel when you pick them up. They also both have a woody texture to them.  

zucchini vs cucumber
sliced cucumbers
  1. How Cucumber vs Zucchini Sound

While zucchini and cucumbers are in their raw form, they both have a similar sound. When you cut into them or bite off a piece, you will hear a satisfying crunchy sound. They are both crisp while fresh, and so delicious!  

  1. How Cucumbers vs Zucchini Tastes 

Both zucchini and cucumbers taste delicious in their own ways, the taste of each one is quite different. Cucumbers are very juicy. They have a high-water content and taste sweet. Zucchini on the other hand, have a spongy inside and taste a little sweet with a little bit bitter. They taste the best when cooked, because cooking helps to bring out their best flavor.   

zucchini vs cucumber
fresh zucchini

Most of the time zucchini is eaten after it has been cooked, but cucumbers are eaten while still raw. There are not many instances when cooking, where they zucchini can be substituted for cucumber or cucumber for zucchini. In general, they are far too different for this to take place. There is however one exception to this rule. If you like the taste of raw zucchini, it can be used in the place of cucumber on a lettuce salad if you desire. It does change the flavor, so it is not very common, but if you can substitute this way, if you really want to. Otherwise, they cannot be interchanged in a recipe.  

  1. How Cucumbers vs Zucchinis Grow

Cucumbers and Zucchini plant leaves look similar, however the plants themselves are different. Cucumber plants are vine type plants. They grow out of the seed and travel along the ground or up a pole with their climbers. Cucumbers grow out of flowers anywhere along the vine plant. Whereas Zucchini grow up from their seeds and form a plant, the zucchini then grows out from flowers at the base of the plant. Cucumber and Zucchini are both a part of the gourd family.  

cucumber plant vine
cucumber growing on a vine

Zucchini and cucumbers are fairly easy produce to grow at home. If you are considering growing your own garden this year, perhaps you should check into getting these seeds this year. The health benefits might just make it worth it for you.  

zucchini plant bud
zucchini plant with flower
  1. Nutrition Facts For Zucchini Vs Cucumber

Zucchini and cucumbers are very beneficial to your health. Both cucumbers and zucchini have low amounts of calories, they are also good sources of vitamins. Based on 100 grams, both zucchini and cucumbers have very low calories. While Zucchini has 15 calories, while cucumbers can vary depending if they have skin or not. But they are anywhere between 12 to 17 calories for cucumbers. Cucumbers have .7g protein and zucchini has 1.1g protein in 100 grams. Cucumbers also have 2.1% your daily value of vitamin A and 4.7% vitamin C. Zucchini has 22% daily value of your vitamin A content, and 22% vitamin C.  

zucchini vs cucumber
zucchini vs cucumber
  1. How To Store Cucumber Vs Zucchini

While a zucchini vs cucumber are similar, the storage for each one, to keep them the best possible, for the longest amount of time, is quite different. Zucchini can both be stored, whole and unwashed, in your fridge for one to two weeks before they start to become wrinkled. They will not last much longer than two weeks in the fridge. Cucumbers on the other hand should be stored at room temperature. They are best stored above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended that if you are going to place them in your fridge, they should not be kept any more than three days.  

  1. Ways To Use Cucumber vs Zucchini 

Some of the top ideas that come to mind on delicious ways to prepare cucumber and zucchini to eat are below. These are just a few, as there are so many good meal ideas that center around these two items.   


Cucumber on salad 
Pickled cucumber 
Cucumber salad 


Pan fried zucchini 
Sliced zucchini in an air frier 
Zucchini bread 
Zucchini in place of noodles 
Raw on salad 

We trust that this has been helpful and that you have learned something new about Zucchini vs Cucumber. As always, we absolutely love to hear your feedback! One question to leave you with, that we would especially love your feedback on is: What is your favorite way to use cucumber or zucchini? 

cucumber vs zucchini

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