What Is Ricotta Salata?


What Is Ricotta Salata? Ricotta and Ricotta Salata are both a type of cheese that are very similar. However, there are a few differences between the two, and even differences on how they are best used in your meal preparations.

Name Meaning

The origins of Ricotta are Italian. The meaning of Ricotta is re-cooked, while Salata means salted. Ricotta cheese comes from sheep milk whey. The difference between the two types of ricotta cheese come to play in how it is processed and aged.

About The Cheese

Ricotta is the Italian version of feta cheese. Both types of ricotta cheese are made from sheep’s milk. Salata is very similar to regular ricotta cheese. However, ricotta is loose and crumbly, which sometimes causes it to dry out a bit. When Ricotta is made correctly, it often tastes more like a milk crumble than it does a piece of cheese. Ricotta Salata is salted and formed into a cheese wheel, and aged for several months. Because it is pressed, it tends to maintain a unique freshness. Salata, becomes almost sponge like in texture, sharper in taste, which is probably due to the salt. It is slightly dry, similar to feta. Ricotta is more of a crumbly, fresh cheese.


Ricotta and Ricotta Salata have very similar flavors. Both types of cheese have a mildly nutty, creamy flavor. Salata has more of a mild salty flavor and is more milky.

How To Use

Ricotta Salata has many different uses. It comes in a cheese wheel and can be shaved or grated. It serves as a nice complement on sandwiches, salads, vegetables, on top of fresh soup and to top almost any pasta.

Ricotta cheese is great when incorporated into many different Italian dishes. The most popular use for ricotta cheese is likely lasagna. Ricotta is also delicious in manicotti and even cheesecake.

This is a delicious cheese that has many uses. It works well as a complement for most any dish to help boost your flavors.

What is your favorite way to incorporate Ricotta Salata?

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