What Is Montreal Steak Spice?


Montreal Steak Spice is a dry spice rub used to flavor steak that was made famous in Montreal and has become a marketing term for a number of commercial spice mixes. 

The recipe varies, but Montreal Steak Spice usually includes ingredients such as pepper, salt, coriander, dill, mustard seeds, dehydrated garlic and onions, red pepper flakes, rosemary, thyme, paprika and caraway seeds. 

Some attribute the mix to Anglo-French immigrants in Montreal, but a more credible explanation traces Montreal Steak Spice to Montreal’s Eastern European Jewish immigrants. They first used the mix to season and preserve smoked meats in Montreal delis like Schwartz’s Deli, which claims to be the oldest deli in Canada, founded in 1928. 

A popular sub around Canada’s second largest city is the Montreal Steak Sandwich, which consists of skirt or flank steak rubbed with Montreal Steak Spice and pan-fried with onions and mushrooms. Montreal Steak Spice is also used to flavor oven-roasted potatoes and fries. 

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