What Is Monterey Jack Cheese?


What is Monterey Jack Cheese? It is, sometimes referred to as “Jack”, is an American white, cheese that is semi-hard and is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Skimmed or whole milk can be used to create this wonderfully smooth cheese. Its flavor is mild, buttery and slightly sweet and is light yellow in color. It is similar to Gouda cheese, a very versatile Dutch cheese also made from cow’s milk. In fact, they make a good substitute for one another, with their similar mild taste.

Monterey Jack Cheese can be sold by itself or mixed with the also well known, orange Colby Cheese to create the orange and yellow marbled Colby Jack Cheese.  It can also be spiced or seasoned to create Pepper Jack or herbed Jack.

Dry Jack is one of the most coveted forms of Monterey Jack Cheese. It can be hard to find outside of California, a very hard cheese that can be grated like Parmesan and has a sharper flavor.

Quick Facts:

Color: light yellow

Flavor: mild, buttery and slightly sweet

Texture: smooth, dense

Uses: great for interior melting cheese in sandwiches like grilled cheese or on a cheeseburger, and has a great melting quality for some pasta dishes, perfect to top off a casserole or pizza.

What is Monterey Jack Cheese?

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