What Is Miso Paste?


Discover What Is Miso Paste? There are many answers for you to check out below. How it is made might be a bit surprising, but it is a delicious compliment to many foods. 

What Is Miso

Miso is the Japanese name for soybeans that have been fermented and made into a paste. It is a must have in the Japanese culture. It is eaten with many different dishes. miso can also be made with barley or rice which have mold and salt added and then aged between 6-36 months. Somehow though this gross sounding process, they result in a tasty paste that can be golden, reddish-brown, dark brown or even black. 

How to Use Miso

Miso paste is known for giving some foods a meaty like taste. It is also often used to flavor soups. It could also be used as dressing on a salad, a marinade or a sauce. Miso is very common in any given Asian markets but is also becoming more common in supermarkets in general. 

Most often you will find miso and rice together in any Japanese dish. This is very much a staple in their culture. It would be the equivalent of pizza and ice cream or meat and potatoes to most Americans. The Japanese often eat rice and miso soup for breakfast with a side of whatever meat was left from dinner the previous night. 

Soup can be made with miso by adding dash stock or by placing the paste in boiling water and stirring until it is dissolved. You could then put a garnish on the soup by adding in tofu, slices of button, dried seaweed or anything else you have readily available. 

Miso paste is primarily made from fermented soybeans. It is very prominent in the Japanese culture and used to add flavor in many different types of foods. 

Have you tried miso paste before? What is your favorite way to use it? 

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