What Is Difference Between Jam And Preserves?


What Is Difference Between Jam And Preserves? Or are they pretty much the same thing? Find out what makes up jam and preserves and if there’s any difference between the two.

The difference between jam and preserves is not much. They are both mostly the same thing. So much so that the names are often even used interchangeably. Although they are mostly the same thing, there are some minor differences, the main one being chunkiness of fruit. Both jam and preserves have a fruit to sugar ratio of 50:50.


Jam is made from fruit that has been mixed with sugar and preserved. Sometimes in the preservation process pectin is used as well, but in some cases it is not used. Some fruit has pectin and will not need any added to the mixture, while others will require it to be added in addition to the fruit and sugar. What pectin does is allows fruit to thicken and set once it has been boiled. This is what makes jam thick and sets it up like jello.

Jam is also made into freezer jam. This is mostly the same as regular jam. The only difference is that freezer jam is cooked faster and then stored in the freezer so that it has a fresher fruit taste to it.


Preserves are cooked in the same way as jam. The main difference with preserves is that most jams have small chunks in them, but preserves have larger pieces, if not whole pieces of fruit in them. Therefore, the texture is different.

Although the terms for jam and preserves are often used interchangeably, there are a few minor differences. The main difference between the two is that while preserves are usually made with large pieces or whole pieces of fruit, jam uses pieces of fruit that have been chopped or crushed up smaller. Otherwise, the two are very similar.

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