What Is Andouille?


What Is Andouille?

What Is Andouille? In this article we’re going to learn about what it is, what it is used for and where the original versions are still made today. Learn all about this unique sausage called andouille.

What Is Andouille?

It is a type of French smoked sausage which is made from pig chitterlings, onions, tripe, wine and seasonings. It is encased in a skin that has been blackened. This type of sausage is usually an acquired taste.

How The Sausage Is Served

You can often find andouille served in cold slices in an hors d’oeuvre. It is also frequently used as a part of Creole or cajun dishes in the United States and dishes such as jambalaya and gumbo. The version found in the United States also tends to be more spicy than the French version.

Original Type Of Sausage

There are many different kinds of andouille sausage prepared today, however most of them are imitation to the original methods used in preparation. There are currently only two types that are genuine. Those two are the Vire andouille  and Guémené andouille.

Vire andouille is made just outside of Normandy. It is made with stomach and intestines and smoked over beech wood for about two months, before being cooked in water or in a court-bouillon. It sometimes includes neck and breast meat, which makes it higher in fat content.

Guémené andouille is from Brittany. This process for making the French sausage has been trademarked. It is made by using intestines and layering them inside each other. They are then dried, smoked, then cooked in bouillon or steamed. This process creates a concentric circle pattern when it is cut.

Summary: Andouille is a type of French smoked sausage. There are two remaining types of this sausage made today that use the original process. The love of this type of sausage is often an acquired taste, so don’t feel bad if you’re not a fan right away.

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