What Are Chives?


What Are Chives?

Chives are thought to be like scallions and green onions. However, in culinary terms, they are really classified as an herb and mostly used as a garnish, whereas scallions and green onions come from the same genus species, and are very similar. Scallions are basically green onions that are harvested young.

Chives are a totally different species altogether. They, being classified as an herb, fall into the category of things like parsley and tarragon. They can be a key ingredient, and used extensively in French haute cuisine.

Scientifically, chives are classified as an aromatic grass that includes beautiful lilac colored flowers. The flowers should not be overlooked as a garnish since they too are edible. They are slightly more mild in flavor than the grass of the chive.

What Are Chives?

Flavor: What do chives taste like? When they are consumed in their raw form, many say they are similar in flavor to raw onions, only more mild. When they’re cooked the flavor is weakened even more.

Preparation: They can be used raw or cooked. Simply wash them in cool water to remove any dirt. Inspect them Then chop them finely. They can be added immediately to your favorite dishes or sautéed in oil.

Appearance: Almost anything looks better with a sprinkling of chives. Strewn whole across a plate or snipped into small pieces, chives add color to a pale or visually lackluster dish. Chopped finely, they add a very subtle onion flavor. They help to give a dish a polished appearance.  

Ways To Use Chives
As a salad garnish
In and on top of soups
To top off eggs, quiche and omelets
Added to soft cheese or butter
As a garnish for vegetables
In breads and muffins
…Any where you’d like to add a hint of green and their wonderful flavor

Selection and Storage
When buying them at the grocery store or local market, choose ones that are crisp and dark green in color and that don’t have yellow or brown spots. Also, slimy or wilting areas could indicate that the chives have already been sitting for a while and are beginning to decompose.

To store, wrap the roots of the chives in a slightly damp paper towel then enclose loosely in a plastic bag. Refrigerate and use for up to 7 days.

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What Are Chives?

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