Purslane Salad With Lemon Shallot Dressing

Purslane Salad With Lemon Shallot Dressing is a nice, light spring salad. It also has the significant benefit of packing in a huge serving of Omega 3’s and can include many health benefits related to its antioxidant capacity.  Purslane has more essential fatty acid than any other leafy vegetable. Equipmentsmall bowllarge bowl Shopping List1 small … Read more

Carrot Salad With Ginger Miso Vinaigrette

Carrot Salad With Ginger Miso Vinaigrette serves two to four people. Carrot salad is not only beautiful in appearance, but it also has a sweet, subtle flavor. It is a healthy spring side dish, served cooled. The ginger miso vinaigrette adds a nice flavor that you are sure to enjoy. Carrots in this carrot salad … Read more

Watermelon Salad With Feta and Tomato

This Watermelon Salad With Feta and Tomato is a summer abundance treat. I remember summer evenings, enjoying fresh produce from sweltering day’s work in our family’s country garden. As a young child, I enjoyed watching my grandfather plow the earth with his John Deere 60 and discing it to prepare the space for our extra … Read more

Traditional Greek Salad

This is the only Traditional Greek Salad recipe that you’ll need. We like to serve it with a good amount of fresh crusty bread such as French bread or sourdough, to mop the plate and seep up the wonderful juices in this salad. It makes an elegant lunch or is great served as a side … Read more

Lentil Tomato And Red Pepper Salad With Cilantro

Lentil Tomato And Red Pepper Salad With Cilantro is a beautiful and visually appealing dish because it is so colorful. It is also just a flavorful with the earthy taste of the lentils, sweetness of the red pepper and unique punch of the cilantro. Shopping Listgreen or red lentilswater bay leaf kosher salt clove garlicolive oil red bell … Read more

Cabbage Slaw With Dill

This cabbage slaw with dill is not your every day soggy coleslaw that people typically think of for a summer picnic, barbecue or potluck and even in some fast food chains. You know, that dish sitting there on the table seeping in the sloshing liquid in the bowl, left mostly untouched. This cabbage slaw is … Read more

Sweet And Sour Turnip And Carrot Salad

A box grater and a peeler turn raw turnips and carrots into a fresh, crispy, light Sweet And Sour Turnip And Carrot Salad. It is very healthy and tasty too. Shred the vegetables for an elegant appearance or chop them for a more practical look. Almost any vinaigrette or dressing would work here, but this … Read more

Parsnip Parmesan Parsley And Lemon Salad

The Parsnip Parmesan Parsley And Lemon Salad is a light and tart side for any meal, and this dish makes for a great tongue twister. Just try saying “Parsnip, Parmesan and Parsley” three times fast.  Did you get it? Say it again! Parsnip, Parmesan Parsley… It’s kind of like the old tongue twister Peter Piper Picked … Read more

Carrot Mint Salad

This Carrot Mint Salad is so simple and easy to make. It is a favorite at our house, especially at the last minute, because it can be prepared very quickly. The tang of the vinegar, brightness of the mint and crunch of the carrots are an ideal balance for rich braised or roasted meats. Add … Read more

Grated Carrot and Celeriac Salad

Looking for a beautiful salad that is very light and tasty? This grated carrot and celeriac salad is perfect. The beautiful mixed orange color is so vibrant and healthy as well as being simple to prepare. Grated celeriac and carrot saladserves 2-4 Ingredients:1 celery root, peeled and coarsely grated2 medium carrots, peeled and coarsely grated2 … Read more