Indian Style Beef And Sweet Potatoes

Indian Style Beef And Sweet Potatoes is a flavorful dish prepared with aromatic spices and a good quality piece of beef as well as the added interest of sweet potatoes that are included as a part of the dish. Shopping Listbeef (chuck or round roast)oniongarlicvegetable oilsalt and pepperground fennelground cuminsweet potatolow-sodium chicken brothplain yogurtfresh cilantro … Read more

Ravioli With Sweet Potatoes Mascarpone And Parsley

Ravioli With Sweet Potatoes Mascarpone And Parsley is a way to take the same old out of ravioli and give it a new twist. Adults and kids alike are sure to enjoy this fancy dish. Shopping Listolive oilsweet potatoraviolimascarponefresh parsley Equipmentlarge potlarge sauté panslotted spoonladle Instructions:Bring a large pot, filled with water and two teaspoons … Read more

Duck Confit

Duck Confit is a wonderful dish. You might be thinking that name sounds quite fancy. Is it complicated or too hoity toity to make? We think you’ll be quite delighted with the outcome. The flavor is so rich and wonderful. It’s just a French way of saying that it’s sweetmeat or duck that is cooked … Read more

Heirloom Beans And Rice With Smoked Turkey

Heirloom Beans And Rice With Smoked Turkey is a wonderful savory recipe. Smoked turkey wings and thighs are available at Whole Foods markets and good butchers. They’re a great substitute for pork or ham hocks, and have more lean meat on them. Shopping List: dried beans of your choicewatersmoked turkey thighsmoked turkey wingcarrotssagesaltwhole peppercornscooked riceolive … Read more

Rabbit With Prunes And Olives

Rabbit With Prunes And Olives is a clean, lean, sustainable meat with a delicate flavor a lot like chicken (which can be substituted here). If you make this dish ahead of time, the flavor will only improve. Shopping List: whole rabbitbutterparsleychicken stockoniongarlicoreganobrown sugarbaby carrotsprunesgreen oliveshoneywholegrain mustard Equipment large Dutch oven (or enameled pot)bowls Instructions: Preheat … Read more

Broccoli And Red Bean Burritos

Broccoli And Red Bean Burritos are a relatively quick and easy dish to prepare. The three main ingredients are fresh (or even frozen) broccoli, a can of red beans and shredded cheese. These wraps make for a delicious and easy meal, yet at the same time they are very satisfying. Give them a try today! … Read more

Turkey Rolls With Oyster Stuffing

Turkey Rolls With Oyster Stuffing is made with prepared stuffing. However, if you don’t have any prepared stuffing, you can also use your favorite stuffing with this recipe. In fact, turkey and oysters go great together. Shopping List Turkey cutlets OystersBaconPrepared stuffingVegetable oilSaltPepperGarlic powderOlive oilChives Equipment skilletplastic wrapmeat pounder Instructions: Roll out one sheet of … Read more

Pomegranate Glazed Pork Ribs

Pomegranate Glazed Pork Ribs are created by using a thick, meaty St. Louis-style rib. You then marinate them overnight in the pomegranate mixture that gives them the sweetness from the fruit and acidity from the citrus. You’ll cook them long and slow to make them tender and finish them off with a few moments in … Read more

Korean Shrimp Pancakes

Try these delicious Korean Shrimp Pancakes, they are delicious for breakfast, a light lunch or even an appetizer. This recipe give you a new take on classic pancakes. The key to making the perfect golden, crispy pancakes is to have your pan hot and batter cold. Try turning your pan on to warm up before … Read more

Chickpea Pantry Pasta

What do you cook when you are low on groceries and not sure what to make? Try making this yummy chickpea pantry pasta recipe! It tastes good, and does not require many ingredients. The best of both worlds!  Another fantastic thing about this recipe is that it is easy on the budget as well! This … Read more