American Meatloaf

A classic, American Meatloaf, is one of the all time best comfort foods for Americans. At our house, when this dish is served, we have a discussion about who gets the end piece, because the crispy crust is the favorite among the eaters at our house. Shopping Listdried onion mushroom soup mixonionfresh parsleyground beefquick oatsmustardkosher … Read more

Sautéed Cabbage With Ham, Potatoes And Sage

Sautéed Cabbage With Ham, Potatoes And Sage gives a wonderful and satisfying aroma to any place. It is a sought out comfort food and warms the body from the inside out on a cold winter’s day. Shopping Listhamwaterhead savoy cabbageolive oilunsalted butterfresh sagepotatoes Equipmentbowl large saucepan with lidlarge sauté pan with lid Instructions:Wash the potatoes, … Read more

Broiled Beef Kebabs

In this recipe, we give instructions for how to broil beef kababs in the oven. However, this basic preparation for broiled beef kebabs could also be done over on the grill if you prefer. The beef can be served plain, in a deliciously freshly baked pita bread, on a bed of your favorite lettuce or … Read more

Latin Rice With Chicken Thighs

Latin Rice With Chicken Thighs is a one pot meal that is loaded with deep flavor. By using the dark meat, rather than the more common white meat, it helps to create a deeper flavor and more moist outcome with this wonderful Mexican dish. Equipmentlarge, nonstick sauté pan with lidtongsmeat thermometer Shopping List6 bone-in chicken … Read more

Pan Roasted Flank Steak

We are fans of marinated and Pan Roasted Flank Steak, any time of the year. We like to slice it thinly and serve it on its own, on top of a salad, or in a sandwich with delicious condiments. Equipmentlarge oven-proof sauté pantongs meat thermometer Shopping Listflank steak salt and black pepperolive oilunsalted butter Instructions:Preheat … Read more

Tortellini With Broccoli, Kalamata Olives And Parmesan

Tortellini With Broccoli, Kalamata Olives And Parmesan can be made with freshly prepared tortellini or even frozen cheese tortellini. It is inspired from that authentic Italian flair. Equipmentlarge potvegetable peelerlarge sauté pan Shopping Listbroccoliolive oilcheese tortelliniKalamata olivesparmesan cheeseshredded Mozzarella Instructions:Fill a large pot with water. Add 2 tsp of salt and bring to a boil … Read more

Pork Loin Braised In Cider

You know that time of year when the crisp fall air begins to set in and the leaves begin to turn as the days grow shorter. When the weather becomes cold outside and apples and apple cider are in season, that is the perfect time to prepare this wonderful pork loin that has been braised … Read more

Chicken With Rosemary Garlic Cream

Chicken with rosemary garlic cream is a delicious dish. It is not short on flavor. If you have access to fresh rosemary and fresh garlic, they are recommended for an added depth of flavor in this recipe. Equipmentskillet Shopping Listchicken breastsolive oilunsalted buttergarlic clovesfresh rosemaryheavy cream Instructions: Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium … Read more

Roasted Chicken With Sweet Plum Sauce

Roasted Chicken With Sweet Plum Sauce makes a wonderful combination. For this recipe, you will want to buy the sweet plum sauce, already prepared, in a jar at the supermarket. Equipment Neededshallow baking panmeat thermometerkitchen twine Shopping Listwhole chickenhead of garlicsweet plum saucelemonsalt and pepperbutter Instructions:Preheat oven to 450F. Prepare chicken for baking by rinsing … Read more