Passover Chicken Schnitzel

Passover Chicken Schnitzel is a satisfying dish for passover or all year long. Matzoh meal makes a terrific replacement for bread crumbs in this recipe. We suggest setting up your work stations before diving into this recipe. Three shallow bowls are ideal to use as dipping pans for the various steps to creating this wonderful … Read more

Avocado Crostini

This Avocado Crostini is a simple, delicious recipe that you’re sure to love, especially if avocado is a favorite of yours. At our house we use them for sandwiches, salads, tacos and wraps. If you have some leftovers, this is a perfect way to use them up. Equipmentbowlsharp knife Shopping Listbread slicesclove garlicolive oilavocadoskosher saltground … Read more

Tortilla Torta

The Tortilla Torta is an authentic Mexican dish made with white corn tortilla chips, eggs and onions to season them. It is a relatively simple dish to prepare and can easily be completed well when time constraints are in play. Equipmentskillet (with lid) plate  Shopping List2-3 handfuls white corn tortilla chips hot water milk 2 eggs 1 tablespoon oil 1/4 small … Read more

Tarragon Salmon Kebabs With Sour Cream Sauce

Tarragon Salmon Kebabs With Sour Cream Sauce take about the same amount of time to grill as the vegetables, so each skewer has a full complement of kebab components. Give the mushrooms an extra brush of marinade so they don’t dry out.  Equipmentskewers 2 small bowls rimmed baking sheet (or shallow baking dish)  grill grill brush  Shopping ListFor the sauce: sour … Read more

Turkey Spring Rolls

To make Turkey Spring Rolls, look for bahn trang, the thin, round Vietnamese rice paper wrappers in the ethnic foods section of the supermarket. If you can’t find them, you can alternately make an Asian style noodle salad by tossing the ingredients with half a pound of cooked whole wheat, soba or rice noodles. Shopping List: … Read more

Mango Avocado Salsa

Try this delicious Mango Avocado Salsa that is a wonderful alternative to the traditional tomato salsa. It has a wonderful combination of flavors that will go wonderfully with your choice of chips, meat or side. This recipe is one that is so good and you will want to add it to your list to try … Read more