Percolated Coffee vs French Press: Compared & Contrasted


What are the similarities and differences between percolated coffee vs French press coffee? We’ll give you all the details about each one by comparing them. And the one you choose over the other will likely be a personal preference.

What is Percolated Coffee?

Percolated coffee is different than a drip coffee maker. A coffee percolator brews coffee through a device that circulates hot water or boiling water through a basket that holds the coffee grounds until the desired coffee strength is reached.

There are several kinds of percolator coffee makers including electric percolator, stovetop percolator as well as various sizes depending on the desired number of servings.

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Percolator coffee makers were very popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s and modern-day designs are still used today for outdoor enthusiasts to use for their camping trip.

What is French Press Coffee?

To brew coffee using a French press coffee maker, the coffee is brewed by submersing the coffee grinds in hot water. The grind size matters and generally coarsely ground coffee is what’s used.

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To brew strong coffee, the coffee is left to steep for a longer amount of time. The same is true for weak coffee, the coffee is left to steep for a shorter amount of time. Sometimes coffee lovers who use a French press to brew their coffee prefer a strong brew so this method works well for them.

After the coffee has brewed, the grounds are separated from the coffee by using the French press plunger. And the coffee is served.

Which one tastes better?

The option that you choose to brew your coffee when it comes to a decision of using a French press vs percolator for your brewed coffee will likely come down to the outcome of the coffee’s flavor as well as the length of time that’s involved.

Both brewing methods tout an ease of use, and no paper filters are involved. Both methods can brew a good cup of coffee, but modern-day coffee snobs tend to prefer brewed coffee with the French press.

As far as flavor is concerned, if you like a bitter coffee that’s more easily achieved using a coffee percolator.

Similarities Between Percolated Coffee and French Press Coffee

The main similarities between percolated coffee and French press coffee are the coffee beans that are used. Both use a rather coarse grind for the best results.

Differences Between Percolated Coffee and French Press Coffee

The differences between percolated coffee and French press coffee are in several areas, the main difference which is the brewing process.

The heat source that’s used between the brewing methods is different. For percolated coffee, the water temperature at the start of the brewing process doesn’t matter because the percolator is the device that heats the coffee.

Whereas, when the water is added to a French press, you want to be sure that it’s boiling or is at least very hot, because a French press doesn’t add heat to the coffee, but rather it’s a device that allows the coffee to brew.

French press coffee is sometimes referred to full-flavored coffee, although both types are flavorful coffee.

A percolator includes a coffee basket, but a French press doesn’t. Coffee drinkers who tend to drink large amounts of coffee tend to drink one method of brewing over another. And the best option for your hot coffee might not be the best option for coffee lovers everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to percolated coffee vs French press coffee. If you have a question that’s not answered here, please drop it to us in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to respond.

Does a percolator or French press make better coffee?

It’s a matter of personal preference as to whether you’ll prefer a delicious cup of coffee made with a type of coffee pot such as a percolator or a French press. They each have their own benefits.

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The brew time, although not a significant difference as well as the strength of the coffee might play a factor, however, in your decision.

Why does coffee taste better from a percolator?

The argument can be created that coffee tastes better when brewed using a stainless steel percolator. Some say this is true because the coffee is brewed at a higher temperature.

The number of cups of coffee brewed using a percolator can vary depending on the size of the coffee percolator’s water chamber.

What is the difference between percolated coffee and French press?

The difference between a percolated coffee and French press are the brewing techniques and the outcome of the coffee product.

When brewed with a French press, the coffee is less acidic and tends to be less bitter. The brewing process with a French press can take slightly longer to achieve the good coffee.

How much coffee is used to brew a pot of percolated coffee can vary depending on the number of servings desired. Percolated coffee tends to brew slightly faster and is traditionally done using an electric version of a coffee pot.

Does a French press make better coffee?

Coffee lovers tend to think a French press makes the better coffee. It creates a full-bodied brew that’s superior to other brewing methods.

Simply heat some cold water, add coffee grounds and allow the mixture to steep in one of the best French press coffee pots, then serve and enjoy.

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