Ultimate Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies


Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini chocolate chip cookies are a way to enjoy amazing cookies, with just a little taste at a time. Small cookies are so adorable and easy to make at home.

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In this recipe, we are excited to show you how are you too can easily make mini chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and not have to buy them from the store. 

Tiny Chocolate Chip Cookies

Little tiny chocolate chip cookies are adorable, plus they let you enjoy more than one at a time if you want! With this recipe, you can make mini chocolate chip cookies really easily at home, to enjoy anytime you want! 

What’s in Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies? 

Our recipe for mini chocolate chip cookies has all of the basic ingredients you might expect to find in chocolate chip cookies. But this ingredient combination makes amazing itty-bitty cookies, that taste amazing! 

Let’s jump into the recipe by looking at all of the ingredients we recommend including to make amazing little cookies. 

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (Bite-Sized!)

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ingredients

Eggs. Eggs are an important cookie ingredient because they help to hold all of the ingredients together, and also contribute to helping the cookies rise. 

Butter. We recommend that you use soft salted butter, however, that is not required if you would rather use soft unsalted butter. 

Flour. A basic all-purpose flour works well for this recipe. If needed you can substitute it for a gluten free flour, however, a basic all-purpose flour is great for making these cookies. 

Brown Sugar. We recommend using light brown sugar for the best overall texture of these cookies. If desired, you can cut it with part granulated sugar, and part light brown sugar, but we think the best results are found when using all light brown sugar to sweeten these cookies. 

Cornstarch. Cornstarch? That’s right, a little bit of cornstarch added to your cookie batter will take these mini chocolate chip cookies to the next level. 

Baking Soda. Using baking soda to make mini chocolate chip cookies helps the little cookies rise and become delicious. 

Sea Salt. Although you can use any type of salt for this recipe, we recommend using sea salt for the best overall flavor. 

Vanilla. Vanilla extract helps to add flavor to chocolate chip cookies. You can use vanilla extract or imitation vanilla if needed. 

Mini chocolate chips. Because regular-sized chocolate chips are a bit large for these little cookies, we recommend that you use mini chocolate chips to get the best result for these tiny cookies.  

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How to make Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Preheat the oven to 350°F (176.7°C) 

To make mini chocolate chip cookies, first, add the eggs and soft butter into a mixing bowl. Beat these two ingredients until soft and creamy. Turn the mixer off. 

Then into the mixing bowl, add all-purpose flour, brown sugar, cornstarch, baking soda, sea salt, and vanilla extract.

When all of the ingredients have been added into the mixing bowl, start mixing the ingredients first on low, then turning the speed higher as the ingredients are combined.  

When the cookie dough is mixed, pour in the miniature chocolate chips, then mix just to combine. 

Take a cookie sheet and spray it with cooking spray. Then use a small cookie scoop, or tablespoon to scoop the cookie dough into balls. Lay them onto the cookie sheet evenly spaced.

Then place them into the oven and bake for approximately 5 to 7 minutes or until the cookies are done. 

Because these little cookies are so small, it’s important that you are careful to not overbake them. In fact, when they are removed from the oven, they should be just slightly undercooked. 

When you remove them from the oven, let them sit on the cookie sheet on your stovetop for a few minutes to cool. Then remove them from the cookie sheet and let them cool the rest of the way on a wire cooling rack. Then serve and enjoy! 

How to Serve

You can serve the little chocolate chip cookies when they are fresh from the oven, after they have had a chance to cool, or after they’ve chilled in the fridge. How they are served is entirely a matter of your preference. 

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Small Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Storage

The best way to store these cookies is in an airtight container. Keeping them in an airtight container helps them stay moist and prevents them from drying out. 

How to Freeze Small Cookies

You can also freeze these mini chocolate chip cookies if you want. They can be frozen both after they have been baked and as raw cookie dough.

To freeze the little cookies after they have been baked, let them cool to room temperature, then seal them securely in a plastic freezer bag. Be sure to label and date the cookies, then place them in the freezer for up to three months. 

How to Freeze Unbaked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Freezing raw or unbaked chocolate chip cookies is very similar. First, shape the cookie dough into your mini chocolate chip cookie dough balls. Then place them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet in the freezer for approximately one hour. 

Then after the balls are frozen, remove them from the freezer, and seal them in a plastic freezer bag. Label and date the freezer bag, then place your unbaked cookie dough balls back into the freezer for up to three months. 

Tips for The Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie Dough. When making this recipe, it’s important that your butter is soft. As you may have noticed there’s not a lot of liquid included in this recipe, the primary moisture comes from butter and eggs.

This is why you don’t want to mix it all together until all the ingredients are added.

How small do I make the cookie dough balls?

To make the small cookie dough balls, you can use either a very tiny cookie dough scoop, or you can use a tablespoon measuring spoon. Either one of these will help you scoop the cookie dough balls so that they are all approximately the same size.

After they are scooped you can roll them into balls, then place them onto a cookie sheet. 

Can I Add Extra Mix-Ins? 

Yes, you can add extra mix-ins if you want. But keep in mind that the mix-ins should be small as the cookies are going to be small.

If the mix-ins are not tiny, then they will likely overwhelm the little cookie dough balls. 


Brown Butter. A delicious variation of this recipe is to use browned butter. Although this makes delicious cookies, it can sometimes be tricky to get the butter browned exactly right.

Essentially browned butter is butter that has been cooked on your stovetop, over medium heat, until it begins to turn a light golden color.

If you choose to do this, be sure that you keep a very close eye on the butter so that it does not burn in the process.

After the butter has been browned on the stovetop, you can transfer it to another container and then place it into the fridge until it is solid once more. 

What to Serve with

You can enjoy serving these mini chocolate chip cookies with anything you want. They make a great side to a glass of milk or a cup of coffee.

You can also enjoy these miniature chocolate chip cookies as a snack, or dessert. You just can’t go wrong with this cute mini chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

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Mini Cookie Recipe FAQs

Can I make regular cookies out of this dough?

Yes, you can make regular-sized cookies from this chocolate chip cookie recipe as well. They do not have to be small in order to be good. If you are making regular-sized cookies from this recipe, you will want to increase the cooking time by a few minutes in order for larger cookies to be fully baked. 

Can I use other cookie recipes to make mini cookies?

Yes, you can use other cookie recipes to make mini cookies if you want. The key to keep in mind is that any mix-ins to the cookie dough should be tiny. 

Do I Have to Chill the Cookie Dough?

No, this recipe does not require you to chill the cookie dough before it is baked. 

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

Miniature bite-size cookies are so adorable, and perfect for kids of all ages, even kids at heart. They are the perfect addition to include in your kid’s lunch, to enjoy as a snack, or even dessert. You just can’t go wrong with these cute little chocolate chip cookies! 

Simple Chocolate Chip Cookies, but Mini, and oh so Cute! 

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

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