Is Pasta Vegan


Is Pasta Vegan? Although there are many brands and varieties within those brands that include delicious vegan friendly noodles, the short answer is that pasta is not always vegan. You’ll want to avoid eggs or dairy as well as some other ingredients that shouldn’t be consumed.

balls of pasta
balls of pasta

In this post we’ll provide an answer to the question is pasta vegan, as well as give a list of common ingredients that are used to make pasta that should be avoided by vegan eaters. Don’t forget to read our frequently asked questions at the end for any items related to this topic that you might find helpful.

What is Pasta?

Pasta refers to the noodles that come in the various shapes and sizes that are used to make pasta dishes.

It doesn’t refer to the toppings or sauces that are potentially used for added flavor to the dish before it’s served.

How Can You Make Fresh Pasta at Home Without Eggs?

If you’re a pasta connoisseur, you likely know that there’s nothing like indulging in a bowl of fresh homemade pasta. But how can you make it without eggs?

We recommend using an oil, such as olive oil instead of eggs for binding. This will do a fine job of adding moisture to the dough as well as helping it all stick together.

The amount of oil that should be used will vary depending on your recipe, but will provide the same consistency as that of using an egg.

fresh pasta
fresh pasta dough

Vegan Pasta Brands

Following is a list of vegan pasta brands that we’ve pulled together for your reference.

Because a brand is included on this list doesn’t mean that all varieties created by the brand are vegan-friendly.

Be sure to read packaging labels to be sure that your specific variety is made with vegan ingredients.


Big Green Organic Food






Framore Artisan Pasta



Pasta Deliziosa



San Giorgio


The Only Bean


Popular Pasta Dishes Made Vegan

A couple of more popular pasta dishes that can easily be made vegan include:

Basil Pesto

Meatless Spaghetti

dry pasta
dry pasta

How to Tell if Pasta is Vegan Friendly

The best way to know is pasta is vegan-friendly is to study ingredients that are safe to eat and those that should be avoided. Then, read the food packaging labels to identify pasta that’s vegan-friendly.

Sometimes packing includes easy recognition that it’s vegan friendly. This is especially true if the product has gone through the process of obtaining vegan certification.

Common Pasta Ingredients that Are Vegan-Friendly

Below are the ingredients that are vegan-friendly that are often used to make pasta. If you see any of these ingredients, you’ll know that they’re fine to eat on a vegan diet.

Wheat flour



Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3

Folic Acid

is pasta vegan
is pasta vegan

Non-Vegan Pasta Ingredients

These are the generally used non-vegan ingredients that you’ll want to avoid if you see these listed on pasta ingredients.


whey protein


Each of these includes either animal products or processed products that are avoided by vegan eaters.

Which Types of Pasta Contain Eggs?

There are two main types of pasta that generally contain eggs. Those are freshly made noodles as well as egg noodles.

The best way to tell if your specific pasta contains eggs is to read the ingredient list to know for sure.

top view penne noodles
top view penne pasta

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to is pasta vegan. If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to drop it to us using the comments box below and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Why do vegans not eat pasta?

There are some varieties and brands of pasta that include ingredients that can’t be eaten by vegans. For example, often fresh pasta is made with eggs, which is avoided by vegans.

What brand of pasta is vegan?

There are several brands of pasta that are naturally vegan as well as some that are certified vegan.  We’ve included a list above for your reference. But we always recommend that you read the brand label before buying.

uncooked noodles
uncooked pasta noodles

Is all dry pasta vegan?

Not all dried pasta is vegan. You’ll want to carefully read the packing label to be sure that includes no animal products or processed ingredients.

Do vegans eat pasta and bread?

Yes, vegans eat pasta and bread that is made with vegan-friendly ingredients. For more information about how to tell if bread is vegan, check out our post here.

Is penne pasta vegan?

Penne pasta can be made with vegan friendly ingredients. You’ll want to check the specific brand packaging to be sure.

Is pasta sauce vegan?

Most tomato-based pasta sauces are vegan friendly, but we recommend you reading the ingredient label for your specific brand to be sure.

Is gnocchi vegan?

Gnocchi is not necessarily vegan as sometimes it contains egg.

varieties of noodles
varieties of pasta

Are egg noodles vegan?

No, egg noodles are not vegans. Vegans don’t eat products that come from animals and this would be the case with the egg ingredients that are found in egg noodles.

Is Barilla pasta vegan?

Some varieties of Barilla are vegan. We know that Protein+, Oven-Ready Lasagne, and Filled pastas made by Barilla are not made with vegan friendly ingredients.

Is pasta made with eggs?

Fresh pasta is often made with eggs and some varieties of dried pastas include eggs.

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