Is Bread Vegan


Bread tends to be one of the many staples in diets around the world. But if you’re entertaining someone who eats a vegan diet, you’ll want to know the answer to the question is bread vegan.

homemade vegan bread
homemade vegan bread

We’ll help you know what to look for in breads as well as what makes them vegan-friendly and what makes bread not vegan. We’ve gathered a list of specific brands of vegan bread to look for in the grocery store.

Can Vegans Eat Bread?

Yes, there are many types of bread that are vegan-friendly. Since the basic ingredients of bread usually consist of, yeast, flour, water, and salt, there are many varieties to choose from for vegan eaters.

We simply recommend that you become a savvy study of the bread ingredients that vegans avoid and watch labels for those items.

Is All Bread Vegan?

No, not all bread is vegan. Some breads contain add-ins that are not vegan friendly, and some contain dairy, eggs, or fillers and stabilizers as basic ingredients.

What Kind of Bread Do Vegans Eat?

Vegans can eat any bread that doesn’t contain dairy or eggs as well as processed ingredients. You’ll want to study our list below of what makes a bread not vegan.

Is Bread “Plant-Based”?

Whether bread is plant-based is going to depend on your definition of a plant-based food.

We suggest that a plant-based food item is one that contains no animal products or by products and is minimally processed.

is bread vegan
is bread vegan

What Makes a Bread NOT Vegan?

There are two main things that would disqualify breads from being vegan. If the ingredients contain animal products or if they contain processed foods, in either case these would not equate to a vegan friendly product.

Here is a list of ingredients that should be avoided for vegan friendly breads.

Sodium carinate
Mono glycerides

How to Tell Whether a Bread is Vegan

The best way to tell whether bread is vegan is to read the ingredient list. If any of the items listed above are in the ingredient list, the bread won’t qualify as vegan.

Most Common Types of Vegan Bread

We’ve researched the most common types of vegan bread so that we could share this list with you. Here it is.








sourdough bread
sourdough bread

List of Supermarket – Friendly Vegan Bread Brands

Following is a list of grocery store bread offerings that you can purchase without having to make your own. We always recommend checking labels as some varieties within these brands can contain egg.


Arnold Rolls

Dave’s Killer Bread



Happy Camper’s Buckwheat Molasses Gluten Free

Love Force Rawganic Vegan Bread

Mestemacher Vegan Bread

Mission Corn Tortillas

Nature’s Own

O’doughs Bread White

Rudi’s Organic

Sami’s Bakery Gluten Free Millet Vegan

Simply Nature

Simple Mills Almond Flour Artisan Bread

Sola Low Carb Keto Friendly Bread

Thomas Bagel

Thomas Bagel Thins

Thomas Mini Bagels

Trader Joe’s

Udi’s Whole Foods 365

Vegan Bread Recipes

Looking to make your own bread? Here some of our favorite vegan bread recipes:

The Best Copycat Panera Bread Focaccia
Pambazo Bread Recipe
The Best Oatnut Bread

tearing bread loaf
tearing bread loaf

Can Vegan Bread Be Frozen?

Yes, vegan bread can be frozen. The best way to freeze bread is to seal it in an airtight container or zipped freezer bag and store it in the freezer.

Our preference is to wait and slice the bread after it comes out of the freezer to help keep it from drying out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to is bread vegan. If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to drop it to us in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to answer it.

What breads do vegans eat?

Vegans can eat a variety of breads as long as they don’t contain any animal derived ingredients or processed foods.

Does bread contain honey?

Yes, some bread such as wheat breads can contain honey. Bread that includes honey is not vegan-friendly as honey is an animal by product. 

Why is bread not vegan?

Bread that’s not vegan contains animal by products such as dairy, eggs, or honey to name a few. There are many breads that traditionally don’t contain these products and would be safe for vegan eaters to consume.

vegan bread loaf
vegan bread loaf

Is yeast vegan?

Yeast is an interesting ingredient because it’s actually a fungus. Yeast is generally considered plant based and is usually eaten by vegans.

Are bagels vegan?

Thomas New York Style Bagels are vegan as well as other bagels that don’t contain animal derived products. Check their label to be sure.

Are English muffins vegan?

There are some brands of English muffins that are accidently vegan. Again, be sure to check the ingredient list to know for sure.

Is white bread vegan?

What bread is traditionally made with basic ingredients such as flour, yeast, salt, and water. It’s the soft fluffy bread that everyone loves.

White bread that’s simply made with these basic ingredients is vegan. However, we always recommend reading labels to be sure.

verdict: usually

Is sourdough bread vegan?

Sourdough bread is a bit different from regular yeast bread because it uses a fermented mixture of flour and water that causes the dough to rise, rather than requiring yeast.

Sourdough bread is made of basic ingredients that are usually vegan friendly.

verdict: usually

Is wheat bread vegan?

Wheat bread is sometimes vegan. Although it contains similar ingredients as white bread, wheat bread sometimes includes honey which would eliminate it as an option for a vegan-friendly diet.

verdict: sometimes

vegan sourdough bread
vegan sourdough bread

Is French bread vegan?

French bread is typically vegan and consists of basic ingredients of flour, water, yeast, and salt. It’s how the delicious bread is made that gives it its crusty crust that many have grown to love about French bread.

verdict: usually

Is Ezekiel bread vegan?

Ezekiel bread is a brand of bread that’s always vegan. It comes in gluten free varieties as well and has become popular among those who are known to make more healthy food choices.

verdict: always

Is potato bread vegan?

Potato bread ingredients generally consist of basic bread ingredients with the addition of potatoes for a fluffy and soft outcome.

Although potato bread is typically vegan friendly, you’ll want to check the ingredient list to be sure that your particular brand falls into this category.

verdict: usually

Is pita bread vegan?

Pita bread is usually vegan friendly. Pita is a flat bread known for its pocket like structure that works well for stuffing with various items to make it into a sandwich.

verdict: usually

Is naan bread vegan?

Naan bread is not usually vegan friendly because it almost always contains eggs and dairy. If you’re following a vegan diet, you’ll most likely want to steer clear of naan bread.

verdict: contains eggs and dairy

Is Focaccia bread vegan?

Focaccia bread is a delicious bread that can be made easily. The simple list of ingredients causes it to fall under a vegan friendly option.

Here is our recipe for homemade copycat Panera Focaccia Bread.

verdict: usually

Is Challah bread vegan?

Challah bread is a fancy braided bread that is deep golden in color. It’s made with eggs and sometimes honey is used as a sweetener. Challah bread is not usually a vegan friendly food.

verdict: contains eggs and sometimes honey

Is Brioche bread vegan?

Brioche bread is a gourmet kind of bread that many enjoy for toast and sandwiches. It’s not usually vegan because it contains ingredients such as butter, eggs, and milk which are animal products.

verdict: contains butter, eggs, milk

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