How To Zest A Lime


Find out How To Zest A Lime! Learning how to create zest is achievable and there are so many different uses for lime zest! Plus, adding lime zest gives any dish that extra pop of flavor and color that it needs.

By adding lime zest to your dish, an intense kick of flavor is being added. Also, if you are using the zest for a topping or if it provides a beautiful pop of color, that is very pleasing to the eye. By adding zest to a dish that is cooked, you are going to receive the best outcome if you add the zest near the end of cooking.

Tools That Are Great For Zesting

There are many different tools you can use to create a zest. One of our favorite tools to use to get a nice, yet fine outcome, is a microplane grater. There are many different ranges of grate, so be sure that you’re using something that will give you an airy and light zest. This will allow your zest to melt into the dish, giving it amazing flavor.

You could also use a traditional zester if you prefer. This type of zester will give you long strands of lime zest. For best results, we recommend that you cut your long strands with a knife to make them smaller.

How To Zest

To create your zest with a microplane, simply rub the lime in one direction against your blades.

As you go, be sure to turn your lime so that you only remove the green part. This is your zest. You want to be sure that when you get to the white part, you stop zesting. This is the pith, which is quite bitter and should not be used.

Once you have your green zest, add it to your dish, near the end of cooking.

Summary: Enjoy the extra pop of flavor and color that lime zest provides! This element is great inside of dishes such as a key lime pie, or on top of puddings or even to provide an extra pop of flavor in a salad or stir-fry.

What is your favorite way to incorporate lime zest?

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