How To Slice Green Onions


Green onions are a milder, versatile alternative to onions. The white parts are great for cooking, but mild enough to work into raw salsas and salads. The green parts work in either, too, but have an almost herbal quality when raw. 

To prep them, first pull off and discard any soft outer layers. It’s best to rinse them after you do this. Cut off the root and any damaged top green parts and discard them. 

Now just thinly slice straight across the onion. Thin slices are good to at the end of cooking, sprinkled over a finished dish, or raw in salads and salsas. 

Make thicker slices for longer cooking dishes, and when you plan to sauté them first with oil or butter and spices. As with onions, a little salt at the beginning of cooking helps them soften more quickly. 

For stir-frys and shorter-cooking dishes where the green onion plays a starring role, slice the onions at an angle. The sharp slices look great on the plate (if you’re impressed with that sort of thing).

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