How To Slice Green Onions


Find out How To Slice Green Onions. It’s a simple process, and they can be used to greatly improve your dish. Follow these simple steps to learn how to slice them.

Green onions are a great alternative to regular onions. Green onions have a milder flavor and are great to be eaten raw or for cooking, no matter if you prefer to use the green or white parts of the onions.

How To Slice

To begin preparing your green onions, examine them for any soft outer layers. If you find soft parts, pull them off and discard them. After removing any soft parts, rinse them under water. Next, on a cutting board, cut off any part of your green onions that have been damaged. This usually occurs at the very top of the green section. Then cut off the roots. If you leave a small section of the roots in tact, you could try regrowing them by placing them into a glass of water or into some dirt.

With your green onions trimmed and ready to go, simply cut straight across them on your cutting board. In most cases you are going to want to cut the green onions into fairly thin slices, if using raw.

For dishes where they will be cooked, you can cut your slices thicker. Another way they are great to be cut thicker is when they are sautéd with butter or oil and spices.

If you are preparing a dish where your green onions will be a primary focus, you could always try cutting them on a bias to give your presentation that extra pop. This can be used for dishes like as stir-frys, dishes that have a shorter cooking time, or when onions are added at the end.

Learning How To Slice Green Onions is a simple process that can be beneficial. Knowing what size is the best for what dishes, will provide insight. Give these tips a try and let us know what you think!

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