How To Slice Cabbage


Cutting cabbage is actually remarkably easy as long as you have a large sharp knife and are willing to put some grit into it.

It all starts with the outer leaves and usually a very tight center. The inside of a cabbage looks like tightly wound curls. The outside leaves can often be damaged or browned, are exposed to elements, and come into contact with every surface from the time they are picked until you take them home. They are highly susceptible to germs and should be removed.

But how do you cut through this beast? Anyone who has tried to cut through an entire cabbage might have resolved to buy a bag of shredded cabbage at one time or another. When bags of cabbage are staled or the pieces of cabbage appear grayed around the edge, it is great to know a few tricks about how to prepare the freshest cabbage for your slaw, casserole or other dishes.

With a few short steps, Here’s how to cut cabbage:

Strip cabbage of its outer leaves; rinse the head well and pat dry.

Now slice the cabbage in half through its tough, fibrous core with a long, sturdy knife.

How To Slice Cabbage

Cut each half in half again through the core. This will expose the core to make it easy to remove.

Holding each cabbage quarter upright, remove the tough core.

Now you can slice the cabbage into long, thin strips for slaws, salads, soups or stews or thicker strips for braises and sautés. 

How To Slice Cabbage

Why Is My Cut Cabbage Turning Gray?

Cut cabbage begins to discolor as it ages. When the cut edges are exposed to air, oxidation takes place causing the edges to dry out and appear gray. The gray edges don’t make the cabbage bad, simply cut the gray edge of the stored cabbage off and proceed with using it.

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