How To Mince Ginger In 5 Steps


Learning How To Mince Ginger is an easy process. Here we have broken it down into five easy steps for you to do at home. Follow this simple process in your own kitchen!

Ginger can be chopped, sliced or minced. Here we are going to help you learn how to go about mincing the funny shaped “thumb” or oddly shaped piece of ginger.

There are all kinds of uses for ginger. Some of the best ways to incorporate minced ginger specifically, are in sautés, in sauce, or stir fries. It is best to add your minced ginger near the end of cooking. This is because the longer ginger cooks, the more its flavor mellows. By adding it near the end, you will get the most flavor out.

How To Mince Ginger

Step 1

Begin with a roughly shaped piece of ginger that is near the size of your thumb. We are going to refer to this piece as a “thumb. Cut off any small pieces that are sticking out. This will make it easier to peel.

Step 2

Next, peel the section using a spoon. By using a spoon it makes it easier to remove the soft skin and leave the flesh in tact.

Step 3

After peeling the thumb, cut it into slices lengthwise into planks. The thickness is up to you, but keep in mind how thick or thin you make these planks will determine how fine your mince will end up being. To get more stability, cut away one or two planks, then roll the piece of ginger on to the flat surface you have created to continue your cutting.

Step 4

Once your planks have been cut, stack them on top of each other. Take the stack of planks and cut them lengthwise into matchstick like pieces. You will now have long, narrow pieces of ginger.

Step 5

Finally, turn your matchstick pieces on a 90 degree angle and hold them firmly together. Cut across them to create the mince. The smaller the pieces, the smaller the mince. If you are looking for a finer mince still, you can run your knife across the pile of small mince.

You can incorporate it into a dish of your choosing.

Summary: Learning How To Mince Ginger is a simple process. You can easily complete this, especially once the skin has been removed. Mince ginger is best added to dishes near the end of cooking. Try mincing ginger at home following these simple steps.

What is your favorite way to use minced ginger?

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