How To Dice A Bell Pepper


Knowing how to dice a bell pepper can seem to be a difficult challenge because of a pepper’s odd shape. However, with a little planning and practice, dicing a bell pepper is very achievable. We will show you how to do it efficiently and with little to no waste. When you see “dice” in a recipe, you should aim for ¼” uniform cubes.  However, you might prefer to alter those dimensions based on your preference. For example, when our family makes chili, we often include diced bell peppers. However, we dice them larger than 1/4″ because a chunky version is preferred.

How To Dice A Bell Pepper

Required materials:
sharp knife
bell pepper
cutting board

Here’s a fast, methodical way to seed and dice a bell pepper.

1. Slice the pepper in half from top to bottom.

2. Remove the seeds and the inside core, discarding them.

3. Remove any remaining white ribs with a sharp knife.

4. Now, with the inside of the pieces facing up, cut the two pepper pieces into strips from top to bottom. These can be as narrow or as wide as you desire.

5. Rotate the strips 90 degrees and slice them crosswise.

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How To Dice A Bell Pepper

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