Homestyle Copycat Panera Chicken Noodle Soup


Panera Chicken Noodle Soup

Homestyle copycat Panera chicken noodle soup is a classic recipe. Our walk-through instructions will show you exactly how you can make this tasty copycat soup in your kitchen with these easy steps. 

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Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of the top comfort foods there is. Panera’s chicken noodle soup is a delicious version of this traditional soup. Today we are going to look at how you can easily make a copycat version of Panera chicken noodle soup. 

Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup

One of the best versions of chicken noodle soup is homestyle chicken noodle soup. This is typically made with larger noodles, more chicken, noodles, carrots, and other seasonings and vegetables added to make it a thicker, heartier kind of soup. This is the soup that you look forward to eating and it is warm and filling to enjoy. 

About This

Chicken noodle soup is surprisingly easy to make from scratch. It requires a little time and effort to make a delicious copycat Panera homestyle chicken noodle soup. Not only is it easy to make from scratch, but it is also relatively low cost, and only requires a few ingredients to make an amazing soup. Chicken noodle soup is typically made using cooked chicken, chicken broth, noodles, and carrots. 

So Many Ways To Enjoy Chicken Noodle Soup

Although chicken noodle soup is typically made using only a handful of ingredients, there are many ways you can enjoy homemade chicken noodle soup. Some of these different ways include adding unique ingredients to the soup, as well as preparing the soup in different ways. First, let’s look at what ingredients you’ll need to make it. 

Gather the ingredients for copycat Panera chicken noodle soup

When you are preparing to make homemade chicken noodle soup, the first step is to gather all the ingredients needed to make copycat Panera chicken noodle soup. Feel free to improvise on the ingredients outlined in our recipe below. Some people enjoy including other items such as beans, or celery to add a bit of variety to the traditional soup. Below is the list of ingredients we suggest including to make homestyle copycat Panera chicken noodle soup. 

The Ingredients

Chicken broth
Egg noodles
Garlic salt
Garlic powder

How to make Panera Chicken noodle soup recipe:

The process of making Panera chicken noodle soup is quite easy. To start off you will want to cook your chicken. Once your chicken is cooked, you can remove the chicken and allow it to cool so that it can be cut. In the same pan where your chicken was cooked, add carrots and a little broth. Allow the mixture to boil until the carrots become soft. Pour in your remaining chicken broth. Cut your chicken and add it to the pot. Then add in your noodles. Allow the soup to simmer until your noodles are al dente. Then add your desired seasonings, serve, and enjoy. 

Let’s make Copycat Panera Bread Chicken Noodle Soup!

Now that we have shared just how good we think the soup is, as well as how easy it is to make, let’s get started making delicious soup, with the below step-by-step instructions. 

Copy Cat Panera Bread Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe


Serves: 4
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes

Recommended Tools

Large soup pot or Dutch oven
Cutting board


1 ½ cup cooked chicken
1 ½ cup water
2 cups chopped carrots
1 onion, chopped (optional)
2 cups raw noodles (or as desired)
32 oz low sodium chicken broth
1 tsp garlic salt
½ tsp garlic powder
Salt and pepper to taste


Step 1: Cook The Chicken

To make this soup you can use any kind of chicken you prefer. No matter what kind of chicken you are using, you’ll want to start off by cooking it until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. To cook this chicken, place it into your soup pot, with 1 ½ cups of water. Then sprinkle your chicken with garlic salt and garlic powder. Allow to cook over medium temperature until your chicken is fully cooked. Remove from the pot and allow the chicken to cool.

Step 2: Cook Carrots

Add carrots to the soup pot with your leftover chicken broth from cooking your chicken and cover with a little bit of broth. Simmer over medium heat until your carrots are soft to the touch.

Step 3: Chicken and Noodles

When your carrots are fully cooked, you can add in your cooked chicken that has been cut or shredded along with the raw noodles. Pour in remaining chicken broth, and allow to simmer over medium heat, until your noodles are al dente. 

Step 4: Serving

When your noodles are fully cooked, add salt and pepper to taste. If desired, sprinkle with parsley. Ladle into serving bowls and serve while hot. Enjoy! 

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Copycat Panera Chicken Noodle Soup step 3
Copycat Panera Chicken Noodle Soup step 4
Copycat Panera Chicken Noodle Soup step 5
Copycat Panera Chicken Noodle Soup step 6


When your noodles are added to the pot, be sure to keep a close eye on them. You will want to be careful to not overcook the noodles or they will become soggy, and appear waterlogged. The best results will happen when you just barely cook your noodles until they are done. 

How to make Chicken noodle soup fast:

Preparing chicken noodle soup on your stovetop is a quick and simple process. This is the most common method for making chicken noodle soup. However, you can also make this soup in your crockpot if you want. 

How to make on the stovetop

The fastest, and most common way of making chicken noodle soup is by using your stovetop burner to cook it. You will simply place your soup pot on the burner and turn the temperature to medium as you prepare the soup. You will make it in phases, by first cooking the chicken, then allowing your carrots to simmer until soft, and then add your noodles and cut chicken back into the pot and cover with broth. 

Now if you want to cook this soup in the crockpot your dinner just got easier

The process of making chicken noodle soup in a crockpot is slightly different than preparing it on the stovetop. To make copycat Panera chicken noodle soup using a crockpot, you will want to combine your raw chicken, carrots, garlic, garlic salt, salt and pepper, and your broth in a crockpot. Cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. After time has passed, remove the chicken and either cut it or shred it then place it back into your crockpot. Add in egg noodles and cover. Cook on low for about 30 minutes until your noodles are completely cooked. 

Instant Pot Method

In your instant pot on sauté function, begin by cooking your vegetables covered in a little bit of broth. Next add your raw chicken, chicken broth, water, and any seasonings. Cook on high pressure for seven minutes and then do a natural release of the pressure for at least ten minutes. Then carefully do a quick release of any remaining pressure. Be careful to avoid the hot steam as it releases. Turn your instant pot off. Shred or cut your chicken. Add your chicken back to the soup, then add egg noodles and turn your pot to sauté once more. Cook the noodles for about five minutes, or until they become tender. Serve and enjoy! 

Nutrition & Allergens

If you have an allergy or health concerns taking into account the nutritional facts and allergies for this recipe are needed. We are going to turn our attention to both of these. However, please keep in mind that ingredients may be substituted if desired. 

Nutrition Facts

Estimate that the above recipe can be divided into four servings. The following nutritional facts are based upon one estimated serving size. We estimate that one serving contains 267 calories. We also estimate that one serving contains 3.3 g total fat, 64 mg cholesterol, 145 mg sodium, 29.6 g total carbohydrates, and 21.6 g protein. Please keep in mind that these nutritional facts may vary depending on what specific ingredients you add when making the soup.

Allergen Info

The allergy information for this recipe is based on if this recipe is followed as suggested above. If followed, this recipe will contain eggs and wheat. These are found in the noodles specifically. If you have allergies to either one of these, please substitute the noodles for a variation that fits your allergy needs. 

Tips on Making Panera Chicken Noodle Soup

In the section, we are going to go over a few tips and tricks that will help you make the best copycat homestyle Panera chicken noodle soup. Following these tips and tricks will be easy and make your soup better than you thought could happen. 

The secret to making copycat Panera chicken noodle soup

One secret to making copycat Panera chicken noodle soup is to keep the soup simple. This recipe only includes a few ingredients. However, we have found that deliciousness can be found in the simplicity. 

One important secret to note is that when we make our copycat Panera chicken noodle soup recipe, we enjoy making this soup in a cast-iron Dutch oven. This allows the soup to take on a unique flavor that is otherwise not found using a regular soup pot.

Choosing the right spices for this copycat Panera chicken noodle soup recipe

When making soup, you might say but what spices should I use? There are many options of spices that you can include. However, not all the spices must be included for your soup to be good. When making this soup we typically like to stick with the basics which include salt, pepper, garlic powder, garlic salt, and a farm dust seasoning. Other ingredients such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, sage, and many others can be included if you wish. However, sometimes less is best. 

Cook the vegetables for this copycat Panera chicken noodle soup recipe

One trick of the kitchen, that is noteworthy when making soup, is to be sure to fully cook your vegetables. We do this, by allowing our carrots to simmer before adding in the remaining ingredients. This allows the carrots and any other vegetables to fully cook, while not overcooking other ingredients such as noodles. 

Add a little cornstarch to thicken the copycat Panera chicken noodle soup

One final trick, if you enjoy your soup a little thicker in its consistency, a great way that you can easily thicken your soup is by adding a little corn starch. However, you will not want to simply dump cornstarch into your prepared soup. 

When adding cornstarch, you will measure out about 2 tablespoons of cornstarch into a small mixing bowl. Then remove one cup of your hot broth from the soup, pour the hot broth into your mixing bowl with cornstarch already in it. Whisk until you have no lumps remaining. If you cannot get rid of the lumps, pour the mixture into a blender. Once your lumps are gone, pour the mixture into your soup and stir until dissolved. Bring your soup to a light simmer, for a minute or two stirring occasionally, until your soup begins to thicken slightly. Serve and enjoy! 

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There are a few different variations to making chicken noodle soup. Some of these variations include adding beans, a variety of vegetables, and the type of noodles. Below are these topics in detail.


For more ingredients in your chicken noodle soup, a great place to start is to try adding beans to your soup mixture. Some good beans include black beans, kidney beans, Northern beans, or even green beans if you like. 


Another way to have a fuller soup is to add additional vegetables. Some other vegetables that are great to include are onions, celery, peas, corn kernels, spinach, or even broccoli. As long as these vegetables are raw, you will want to add them at the same time as your carrots are added. If these vegetables are pre-cooked, or canned, you can add them at the same time as your noodles and chicken. 


There are many kinds of noodles that can be included when making chicken noodle soup, some are better options than others. You will want to avoid using basic noodles when making chicken noodle soup, as most of them will become mushy and waterlogged. The best kind of noodles to use or an egg-based noodle. Any kind of this type of noodle will be great to include in chicken noodle soup. 

Storage Recommendations

There are a few different storage options for your chicken noodle soup. These options include storing your prepared copycat Panera chicken noodle soup in the fridge or placing it in the freezer for a longer time period. To refrigerate your soup, you will want to transfer it, once mostly cooled into an airtight storage container, and place it into the fridge for up to three to four days. 

Freezing Suggestions 

If you are not going to use your leftover copycat Panera chicken noodle soup right away, a better option would be to freeze the leftovers. You can freeze the leftovers by placing your cooled chicken noodle soup into an airtight container and stealing it, or a sealable plastic bag. Place into the freezer, and store for up to three months. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is our copycat Panera chicken noodle soup healthy?

Yes, our copycat Panera chicken noodle soup is quite healthy. Please reference the nutritional facts above for details. 

Can you make copycat Panera chicken noodle soup in a slow cooker or Instant Pot?

Yes, copycat Panera chicken noodle soup may be prepared using a slow cooker or instant pot. Please see the instructions above for details on how to make in each one. 

Do I have to use chicken fat to make a copycat Panera chicken noodle soup?

No, chicken fat is not required to make copycat Panera chicken noodle soup. You will only need chicken broth to make the soup.

Can you use shredded chicken to make copycat Panera chicken noodle soup?

Yes, you may absolutely use shredded chicken to make copycat Panera chicken noodle soup. 

Should noodles be cooked separately for chicken soup?

Although noodles can be cooked separately if you wish, there is no need to cook noodles separately for chicken noodle soup. 

What noodle do you use for chicken noodle soup?

The type of noodle included in chicken noodle soup is an important key. The best kind of noodles do you use are egg noodles. This type of noodle will not become mushy like others tend to do. 

What can I add to chicken soup to give it flavor?

There are many different seasonings, and spices that can be included in chicken noodle soup to add flavor to it. Some common ones include your basic salt and pepper. Others such as garlic salt, garlic powder, rosemary, thyme, parsley, sage, and oregano can also be added. Seasonings such as farm dust or other seasoning blends can also be added if you wish. 

How do you make homemade chicken noodle soup?

Making homemade chicken noodle soup is easy. Start off by cooking your chicken, then cook your vegetables. Finally, add in your noodles and broth then boil together until fully cooked. It’s really that easy!

What To Serve With Chicken Noodle Soup

Because chicken noodle soup is a meal in and of itself, it can be difficult to determine what you should serve with the soup. A few ideas include bread, salad, other types of salads such as pasta salad, or potato salad, pea salad, or pretty much any other side dish you can dream of. 

Panera Bread at Home Chicken Noodle Soup

Making your own Panera chicken noodle soup at home is a very easy and rewarding process because this recipe makes an amazing soup. Soup like this is difficult to find in a store-bought or restaurant-made variety. This soup recipe can even rival the chicken noodle soup available at Panera. Plus, you get to enjoy this delicious comfort food, right at home. 

Panera Chicken Noodle Soup

Our copycat recipe for Panera chicken noodle soup, is a delicious, yet classic recipe for the traditional dish. The soup is great no matter what the occasion. This soup is also perfect for days when you just don’t feel very good. Try making the soup and warming up with the delicious comfort food. 

How close did we get to the original Panera chicken noodle soup?

But this recipe is a tasty copycat of the original chicken noodle soup available at Panera bread. However, you will have to be the ultimate judge of that. Give the soup a try and let us know what you think of the recipe.


Making your own hearty copycat Panera chicken noodle soup is an easy and rewarding process. This soup is iconic comfort food for any and every occasion. Plus, this recipe walks you through the step-by-step process of easily making this tasty soup recipe. 

Try this copycat recipe today

Now that you know how to make the soup, it’s your turn to give this recipe a try. Easily make this recipe at home, following our step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process of how to prepare this soup. Then write to us and let us know what you think of this tasty soup recipe.

Copycat Panera Chicken Noodle Soup

Making homestyle copycat Panera chicken noodle soup is an easy and delicious soup recipe. This is a soup that makes great comfort food or just something to warm you all the way through on a chilly day. Give this easy recipe a try today!

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