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The Greatest All American Pizza, there’s nothing quite like pizza as a favorite comfort food. When I think of great American foods, the top ones that come to mind are pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream. There’s nothing that comes close to these, or that makes my mouth water quite the same. 

Top American foods: Pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream

Growing up, Friday night was usually pizza night at our house. I always looked forward to having pizza. There was something about it that just made our family feel closer together. It was even better when Friday night pizza was followed by ice cream! 

Sometimes we would order pizza, but most of the time we would make it at home. There were a few different ways we made pizza. Sometimes we would pull out a loaf of frozen bread dough and let it thaw, then use that to make our pizza crust. Other times we would make pizza dough from scratch. 

Make Your Own for a Fraction of the Price

Now as an adult, I find the price gap between ordering pizza and homemade pizza remarkable. You can easily make your own All American Pizza at home for a fraction of the price. Ordering a pizza is going to start at $9.99 for a large pizza and increase in price from there. 

I went to Walmart and priced out the ingredients in the pizza recipe below, just to give you an idea of price in comparison. And for roughly enough to make three large pizzas it is going to cost you $11.64. The cost estimate is based on the bag of flour, many of the ingredients will include leftovers after making three pizzas. Making your own, with as many toppings as you want allows for them to be made for half the price if not less, depending where you shop for groceries. 

$1.00 Yeast

$1.22 Bag Flour 

$0.93 Salt

$2.00 Sugar

$2.52 Olive Oil

$2.77 Mozzarella Cheese


$11.64 Total 

(ingredients found at 

Personally, I love to make pizza at home because I get to put my own twist on it, something that you’d have to pay up-charges for at a restaurant. You might enjoy making your own too! Try adding your own spices, or your own unique pizza toppings. You might also enjoy experimenting with different ways to prepare it. 

Homemade Pizza Creates Family Fun

Another benefit of making pizza at home is it can be a project for the whole family if you want it to be, and the kids will love it! I often divide up the dough into little balls and let everyone make their own pizza. My nieces and nephews think that this is the absolute best thing! They always enjoy making their very own shape and concoction. The kids enjoy loading it up with the toppings of their choosing and eating their own hard work. They always get so proud when their very own pizza comes out of the oven. 

This recipe below for the Greatest All American Pizza is the absolute best! Your taste buds will thank you for indulging in it. This is a simple recipe, with step-by-step instructions. Give it a try and let us know what you think!  

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