Eggplant Napoleon


Eggplant Napoleon recipe is a wonderful summer dish made with fresh produce. The supplies in my refrigerator, for dinner included using an eggplant, a red pepper, a stalk of broccoli, and some leftover tofu. This dish turned out to be really easy and one that we think you’ll enjoy as well.

Eggplant Napoleon

cookie sheet
small pot
food processor
large bowl

Shopping List
Roasted Eggplant:
Olive oil

Sun-dried Tomato Couscous:
Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Red Bell Pepper

Broccoli Fluff:

Tofu Ricotta:
package extra firm tofu
dried basil
dried rosemary
dried marjoram
lemon juice
nutritional yeast
freshly cracked black pepper
toasted pine nuts

Eggplant Napoleon

Preheat oven to 425º F.

There are five main parts to this recipe: eggplant, broccoli fluff, tofu, sauce and sun dried tofu. We will begin with the eggplant. Slice eggplant and sprinkle with salt and oil, place one layer thick on a cookie sheet, and bake for 20 minutes. Flip the slices and bake for 10 more minutes, remove from oven.

Next, place couscous and tomatoes in a small pot with a bit of vegetable oil. Toast over medium heat until fragrant. Add boiling water, cover, reduce heat to low. Let simmer for 10 minutes.

Add pepper to a food processor and puree until very smooth. Add salt to taste, set aside.

Steam broccoli, puree. Add pepper to taste, set aside.

Mix together the tofu, salt, basil, rosemary, marjoram, lemon juice, yeast, and black pepper to make the tofu ricotta. Heat until hot, set aside. Toast pine nuts in a dry skillet.

Assemble. Place a bit of the pepper sauce in the middle of the plate. Add several slices of eggplant around the platter. Add a layer of tofu ricotta and a layer of broccoli fluff. Add more eggplant. Add couscous and broccoli. Garnish with toasted pine nuts.

Enjoy Eggplant Napoleon!

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