Can You Put Uncrustables in the Toaster? Find Out…


Can you put Uncrustables in the toaster? There are many different ways you can heat your sandwich without it taking a long time to do so. We’ll teach you how to heat it in the toaster, microwave, and air fryer. But it’s a good idea to use caution for safety reasons.

strawberry uncrustables
strawberry uncrustables

What are Uncrustables?

Uncrustables is a brand of crustless sandwiches that are made by Smucker’s. They come in a variety of flavors, including peanut butter and jelly as well as grilled cheese.

People like them because they are a convenience food, working well as a quick lunch or easy snack. You can buy Uncrustable sandwiches as a pre-made peanut butter sandwich or other varieties or make them at home.

How to Make Uncrustables

You can make your own Uncrustables at home with any type of sandwich ingredients that you enjoy.

You can make jelly sandwiches or cheese sandwiches, just like you can buy at the store. Just gather your favorite ingredients for the best flavor. You’ll also need two slices of bread which can be white bread, whole wheat bread, or any type of soft bread.

homemade uncrustable
homemade uncrustable

To make your sandwich, spread the sandwich ingredients inside two slices of bread, then close the sandwich. The next step is to cut the crust off the sandwich and leave what’s left in a round shape, for the most authentic Uncrustable.

The easy way to remove the crust is to use a sandwich sealer. These can be purchase online or in larger grocery stores. In essence, when you use a sandwich sealer, it crimps the outer bread portion together sealing it shut while also removing the crust the best way.

What’s in an Uncrustable?

Following are the main ingredients for the commercially manufactured traditional peanut butter and grape jelly Smucker’s Uncrustables sandwiches.


Please note, this variety doesn’t include high fructose corn syrup.

ingredients uncrustables
ingredients uncrustables

How to Tell if Uncrustables Have Gone Bad

A sure sign that your crustless sandwiches have gone bad is if they’ve sat out for too long. If they’ve sat at room temperature for more than 2 hours, chances are they’ve become a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.

Some other key indicators of spoilage include:

Expiration Date. Check the expiration date of the frozen Uncrustable sandwich to see how close the date is.

Since this is a freezer product, it would likely be safe to eat it a few days after the expiration date has passed, as long as no other key indicators of spoilage are present.

honey uncrustables
honey uncrustables

Ice Crystals. Ice crystals tend to indicate spoilage as well.

Usually, frozen foods that have formed significant ice crystals also possess a freezer burned flavor and you’ll want to throw them away. 

Unpleasant Odors. As is the case with unrefrigerated Uncrustables, they can become a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.

This can cause the growth of mold, or sometimes just an unpleasant odor. If you notice a strange smell, just throw your sandwich away instead of eating it.

How to Defrost Uncrustables

What are the best ways to defrost your Smuckers Uncrustables? Is it to use body heat, warm water, a heating pad? No, it’s even easier than that.

Best way. The best way to thaw your frozen Uncrustable sandwich is to transfer them from the freezer to the refrigerator overnight and allow them to safely defrost for about 6-8 hours, leaving them sealed in their store packaging.

Room temperature. To thaw them on the kitchen counter, place them on a paper towel for up 1-2 hours until they’re thawed. Please be advised, it could take as little as 30-60 minutes for them to thaw, depending on the room temperature.

How to Heat Uncrustable Sandwiches

Let’s face it, sometimes you’re just in the mood for a heated sandwich, whether it be a jelly sandwich or a cheese sandwich. And we’ll teach you how to carefully do that using household appliances. But first, a word of caution about heating Uncrustables.

Uncrustables have a gooey filling, which when heated can become extremely hot and has the potential of burning you.

When handling hot sandwiches be sure to wear skin protection such as a hot pad or oven mitts and use extreme caution before biting into hot sandwiches. It is for this safety hazard that Smuckers doesn’t recommend toasting Uncrustables.

uncrustable with bite
uncrustable with bite

How to Toast Uncrustables in the Toaster

The best way to toast an Uncrustable is by using a toaster oven rather than a standard toaster. However, with additional care and caution a standard toaster can achieve the job.

Place the unwrapped sandwich in the toaster oven on medium heat and heat it for 2 minutes or until it’s a golden brown.

Use tongs or a potholder to protect your skin when removing it from the toaster. Let cool long enough until the sandwich is safe to eat.

How to Microwave Uncrustables

To microwave Uncrustables, remove them from their original store packaging and place them on a paper towel inside the microwave.

We recommend heating the sandwich at 20 second intervals and checking it in between because different microwaves will heat food at different rates. Sometimes it will only take 20 seconds for a warm Uncrustable in a high-power microwave.

Use caution to be sure that your sandwich has cooled enough before you bite into it.  

grape uncrustables box
grape uncrustables box

How to Make Air Fryer Uncrustables

Making air fryer Uncrustables is an easy air fryer recipe.

To toast your sandwich in the air fryer, remove the original packaging or plastic wrap and place it inside the air fryer basket. Toast the sandwich at 400F degrees for 3 minutes. Then check on it to see if the desired doneness has been achieved.

If done, remove the air fryer basket with the sandwich using a heating pad. Check to be sure that the sandwich has adequately cooled before eating it.

Where to Buy Uncrustables

If you prefer to purchase store bought Uncrustables, you can find many varieties at most grocery stores in the freezer aisle.

The sandwiches should be kept frozen until they’re ready to use. Follow the packaging instructions for defrosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions that relate to can you put Uncrustables in the toaster. If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to drop it to us in the comments box below and we’ll be happy to respond.

Can you put Smuckers in toaster?

According to the Smuckers website, they don’t recommend putting Uncrustables in the toaster, due to safety hazards, which is the risk of the center of the sandwich heating too much and burning the consumer.

However, logistically speaking it is possible to put Smuckers in the toaster, but you’ll want to use caution in doing so.

Can you put an Uncrustable in the air fryer?

Yes, it’s possible to heat an Uncrustable in an air fryer. The best sandwiches to heat in the air fyer are the cheese sandwiches. See our instructions above for how to heat an Uncrustable in the air fryer.  

To heat your Uncrustable in the air fryer use caution in handling the food, especially after it’s been heated.

uncrustable cut in half
uncrustable cut in half

How long do you put Uncrustables in the microwave?

Technically speaking, you can heat and Uncrustable in the microwave. However, we don’t recommend it.

Heating sandwiches like Uncrustables in the microwave can result in a soggy sandwich, which we don’t consider desirable. It does work if you’re in a pinch.

Can you put Uncrustables in oven?

The Smuckers website doesn’t recommend heating Uncrustable sandwiches due to safety hazards. However, it is physically possible to heat sandwiches in the oven. But we recommend caution in doing so to keep from getting burnt.

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